Basic Pro Portable Table Product Review


A while back I put out a message on Facebook that after 7 years in practice and countless house calls, I was in need of a new portable table.

BEauPicMy current portable was on its last leg, literally.

I am proud to say that over the course of time my table has been well traveled and well used. From house to beach, from desert to the peaks of mountains… my table has well over five thousand miles and over 1,500 adjustments recorded.

Within a few minutes of the post I received a message from Lisa at Pivotal Health Solutions; it simply read, “Check your mail in three days…you will be looking for a large box”

Three days later the postman dropped off a brand new portable table from Pivotal Health Solutions;

The Basic Pro Portable Table 


Inside was handwritten a small note, “Here is to the next 1,500”

The video above was filmed after a weekend of adjusting all my neighbors, friends and anyone on my block who was willing to “donate” a nice bottle of wine for a great adjustment.

This table is beautifully portable, the Basic Pro portable chiropractic table is still tough enough to withstand the requirements of the most demanding use. It features both thoracic and pelvic drops, adjustable headpiece and a height range of 18.5″ – 22.4″.

2″  Thick Multi-layered Firm Foam System
Black Upholstery Only
Adjustable Ankle Extension
Thoracic and Pelvic Drops
Adjustable 5 Angled Headpiece
Hand Rests
Paper Holder
Narrow Shoulder
Folding Leg Construction
Carry Case
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Folded Table Dimensions: 37″ x 21″ x 8″
Table Dimensions: 70” L x 21.5” W
Table Weight: 46 lbs

Here is a recap of my thoughts on the table.

3 Things About The Basic Pro Table:

  1. The Design: This tabe is rock solid! It’s built extremely well.. It is not filmsy and way more stable than my current portable.
  2. The Drops:  Having built in drop features is amazing~ If you have never used a portable drop table, you don’t know what you are missing. The only thing I can equate it to is driving in a pre-A/C car on a 110 degree with blistering hot air blowing on your face versus being in a 2016 Denali with ice cold air keeping you at a constant 69 degrees.
  3. This table is NOT for everyone. If you are looking for an ultralightweight solution, then this table is not for you. This table weighs in at 46lbs and is solid.


Price:  The great thing about this table is that it is built well but will not cost you thousands of dollars in return.  Retailing at just $599 it is worth every penny and could easily be listed for $799 and still sell out every time they launch.

If you are considering a new portable table check out the BASIC PRO TABLE HERE