Foam rolling is a great way to help alleviate muscle spasms, stretch out hypertonic muscles and lengthen fascial tissue.  We recently had an opportunity to test out the Body Sport’s High Density Foam Rollers.

Are Foam Rollers All the Same?

The short answer is No!  Some of them are nothing more than pieces of foam that have been pressed and cut into circular pieces, while others have a pvc core with foam surrounds.
[quote_center]Body Sport’s Foam Rollers employ something called “High Density Molded Foam”.[/quote_center]

These Foam Rollers offer any patient a simple, effective, and affordable solution for massaging away nagging muscle pain, knots, and adhesions. These portable mobility tools are manufactured in the USA from high quality, expanded polypropylene foam (EPP). This durable material produces a massaging roller that reliably holds its shape and delivers consistent, deep tissue therapy— helping patients recover faster and get back to feeling better more quickly.

This firm, high-density molded foam roller utilizes a closed-cell construction that lasts up to 5 times longer than open-cell foam rollers.
  • Comes in Black
  • Available in Round and Half-Round
  • Available in 3 different lengths: 36″-Round, 18″- Round, 12″- Round, 12″- Half-Round, 36″- Round
  • High-density, closed-cell construction




We like this foam roller for two reasons:  First, we appreciate the longer length for our patients.  When patients are in “acute” pain and/or just starting to use a foam roller for the first time, the longer 36″ inch model seemed to be the perfect size to get them started.

Secondly, we like the firmness and durability of these rollers. Unlike the traditional “other” foam rollers that break down and bow within 10-20 uses, these rollers held up under constant use and never “bowed” or lost firmness (even after 250 uses).

The last thing we like about these foam rollers is the price.  They are on the “lower end” at less than $20 and are priced well below some of the more “high end” alternatives. This is great for every person looking to try foam rolling or for a doctor looking to implement foam rolling into their rehab protocols in their office.


The two biggest pros also happen to be the biggest cons about this product. The Body Sport Roller is great for someone looking for mild to moderate pressure, but lacks the firmness needed for deep muscle manipulation. We feel that this foam roller is for the “newbie” but not  the advanced user or someone looking for a deep fascial massage. If you are looking for a product that caters to a deeper massage, then this is probably not the foam roller for you. Your best bet is to look at the TP Therapy Grid or The RumbleRoller.

Lastly, these foam rollers are “longer” than the Grid or other shorter rollers, which makes them somewhat cumbersome to transport ( if you plan to travel with them). They can present an awkward disposition when trying to find a place for the roller in your home.

Want to get you Body Sport Foam Roller?  Go HERE and pick them up from Meyer DC