Languishing in Anti-Vax Facebook Jail, Again


Folks, you are looking at a hardened Facebook criminal.  

I was recently released on my own recognizance from Facebook Jail after serving a 7 day sentence, the charge you ask?  Was it because I posted a lewd picture of Miley Cyrus grinding nude on a wrecking ball infecting young hearts and minds? No. Did I post a pic of the nude Kim Kardashian booteus maximus? No, I simply posted an image of a vaccine injured baby, in this particular case it was baby Ian of that I posted to our page.

This has happened before, and also is a recurring problem for friends of mine in the anti-vax movement.   Usually we just have trolls lurking our individual pages and vaccine education pages to attempt to make fun of anti-vax memes, and it’s funny that when we post studies and cite vaccine injury statistics, they vanish, but give them just a poignant meme and they’ll find a way to embarrass themselves.  However now it seems like they are getting more militant and facebook it seems is aiding their efforts.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those lucky people that can contact facebook for problems like these because I spend money in advertising on it.  And so, being an orderly soul I contacted the advertising team on facebook to apprise them of my situation “hey, I can’t give you my money if I can’t post”, the first person didn’t do anything about it and gave me a link that didn’t work.  I tried again and found the right person who took my information and sent a case up the chain of command.  Two days later I received an apology:

Kind of interesting isn’t it that facebook would admit fault don’t you think?

It’s a convoluted response, but a response nonetheless.  I should be happy about this but I’m not, why?  Because they didn’t lift my ban, I remained banned for the next 4 days, and this keeps happening to me and others.  

I also don’t believe their story, an accident and mistake which are not the same thing mentioned in the same message, hmm.  Someone didn’t just trip over a cord over at Facebook Central, “Oh I’m so sorry Mr. Rogers, a member of our team ‘accidently slipped, fell, and ‘accidentally’ hit a key to ban your image and also freakishly weird but also managed to hit the right key to ban you as well.”

So, what are the options? We could quit facebook and look for alternative avenues to get the message out, but why not stand and fight before we capitulate?  I think we should fight.  Is Zuckerberg, because of his own pro vaccine views really trying to silence anti-vax critical thinkers or are these just isolated incidences?  I don’t think they are isolated since the recurrence of these bans are happening more and more with nothing to explain it that makes any logical sense given that the images don’t violate the ‘community standards’ over at Faceborg.  Many think this amounts to political persecution since vaccines have become very political.

We have circulated a petition to help in this effort against political persecution by facebook.  If you haven’t signed, please do so.  Thank you. 🙂


Brian Rogers is a freelance writer and researcher in the area of holistic health. He administers several health pages and has been published in various publications such as and has a keen interest in naturopathic healing through alternative medicine, such as essential oils as well as nutritional healing. He loves hiking, the outdoors, getting out in nature. He lives on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.

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