The best and worst patients in an office are often the mothers. Best because Mom tends to make choices based on both what her heart tells her is right AND from the data that affirms the “healthy and right” choices for her family. It’s the same reason she buys healthier foods, keeps everyone active, and invests herSelf into the lives of her children; the health and well-being of her family MATTERS to her.

One of the best because she can get behind your work when you make it easy to “get behind”. She can reiterate the vision of chiropractic (integrity and optimal expression of potential Life) when she sees it modeled and grows in her value and excitement for it. She can mirror it when she is seen and appreciated. Did you know that she has a passion for making things better in the world her that her kids are growing up in? She’s so BUSY making happen.

Ah, yes, she’s busy. She’s so busy that she can’t believe it’s been so long since she was in. She’s so busy that she squeezed this visit in while she didn’t have the kids, but couldn’t wait another minute for you to “fix” her neck. Please fix her neck. Her shoulders are carrying SO much. Oh, the weight of everyone’s well-being. The worst, one of the very worst.

Mother and two daughters (8-12) in kitchen

When this happens, how do you behave? What do YOU (doctor and staff) say? MOST important, what do you ASK?

As a CA and health coach for moms, I’ve integrated variations of the following. Please keep in mind, this is NOT all at once. Keep the conversation going over multiple visits.

  • What are you working on right now?
  • How is your well-being affecting your ability to handle things ideally?
  • We can support you through this. (Do YOU believe it?)
  • You’re worth taking care of.
  • Adaptability is key. Do you want more frequent chiropractic care? (Put it out there!)
  • What is the obstacle? (Let her identify it and coach through it; “have you dealt with this before? How?” Is there another way to look at or frame the challenge?)
  • What is the cost when you aren’t caring for yourSelf?
  • Modeling your well-being is critical for your children to have the skills to do that for themselves when they’re adults. You’re doing an incredible job, Mom. Good for you for being here TODAY. We’re here to support your work.


ENGAGE and really hear her…pause and let her hear herself. Reflect those values, the parts that MATTER to HER…let her be seen and heard in ways that affirm her ability to choose well. If she believes that she has a support person in place to assist her in those choices for her family’s health, you become a more valuable resource.

You are a valuable resource…and so is she.


OMC MDLisa Engle is a chiropractic advocate, assistant, speaker, author and owner of OptiMOM Coaching. OptiMOM Coaching, holds the vision of a well world knowing that to raise healthy and well children, we need healthy and well parents. With more than 25 years serving in the chiropractic profession; integrity, congruence, and “inside out health” is her first language; giving a reflective model for moms to grow with as they lead their family’s well-being. To learn more about Lisa’s work and contact her, please visit or