Rory McIlroy’s New Nike Commercial Shows Him Getting Adjusted….Watch for the 43 Second Mark


Its Masters Week on the PGA Tour and may possibly be the biggest week in all of golf this year.  Rory McIlroy’s new Nike commercial came out Monday and it is intense as ever!  Watch this short 1 minute video and you will see that being a professional golfer is not just a laypersons sport anymore… these guys are serious athletes. They train like warriors both on and off the course.

Check out the 43 second mark….. RORY IS GETTING ADJUSTED!

If you like this short commercial here are a few others from the team over at Nike that will make you want to grab your clubs and head to the range.

The commercial’s tag-line? “The chase. If it tasted good, everyone would do it. #EnjoyTheChase”


Also featured in the campaign: Tony Finau and Michelle Wie.