Park City, Utah, January 4, 2017:  Health care entrepreneur and activist Dr. Patrick Gentempo, teamed up with Dr. Beau Pierce, CEO of Circle of Docs and award-winning documentary filmmaker Jeff Hays to announce the release of Vaccines Revealed. This compelling, controversial and riveting docu-series hits the internet live on January 10th.

Each of the carefully chosen subjects for all 9 episodes will be shown free via the internet. Each episode will be available daily over the 9 day period. Footage and content features conversations with a CDC whistleblower, interviews with research scientists, medical professionals, parents of vaccine injured children and the latest research and findings regarding vaccines.

Vaccines Revealed investigates how Center for Disease Control (CDC) research scientists destroyed data on a study that showed dangerous connections between the MMR vaccine and autism. Further, a whistleblower inside the CDC revealed that the CDC was complicit in perpetuating these findings.

The team will start their series, free to the public, with the objective of educating concerned citizens and confused parents on the current data of the effectiveness of vaccines and the often hidden dangers of vaccines.

The Vaccines Revealed docu-series will take on some of the most critical and controversial topics surrounding vaccines.  These include autism and vaccines, the dangers of the flu shot, Gardasil, parental rights, and documented fraud and deception in the vaccine arena.

Some of the most compelling episodes and interviews covered in Vaccines Revealed is driven by parents of vaccine injured children.

Vaccines are perhaps the most controversial topic in healthcare.  At stake are billions of dollars to big pharma and the issue of parental rights versus government mandate.  Vaccines Revealed promises to be a true thrill-ride that will spark immense debate on both sides of the issue.