Healthy USA 2020 State Competition

We’re off to a strong start, but we haven’t even scratched the surface…

In order to continue to build momentum for the Healthy USA 2020 campaign and the entire chiropractic profession, COCSA is holding a competition between the states to see which state organization can get the highest percentage of its licensed doctors signed up at Share Healthy USA 2020 and engaged in this movement.

The contest will run from May 1 to October 31, 2016

The state organization who gets the highest percentage of its doctors signed up at will win the prize money, which depending on participation could be worth thousands.

unnamed has donated $1,000 to begin the fund.
The second place winner will receive a complimentary registration at the upcoming COCSA convention in November in Phoenix.


The Healthy USA 2020 toolkit can be found at  which provides everything you’ll need to get your members engaged in this exciting campaign. All of these resources are completely free thanks to Standard Process and AmpLIFEied!

We may be 50 states strong, but this is your chance to

flex your state’s muscles in front of your peers.

Simply email us below at