Dr. Amber Brooks Interview Podcast Pediatric Chiropractor

2.thumbnailDr. Amber Brooks, DC, CACCP is the author of 15 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Your Child and founded Whole Child Wellness to bridge alternative and traditional medicine by providing individualized and comprehensive approaches to pediatric wellness. She is a Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, specializing in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and has a love and passion for treating children of all ages. She assists her patients in achieving optimal health by utilizing nutrition, chiropractic, biomechanical, integrative and functional methods to help support their growing bodies. She is experienced in addressing the challenges associated with biomechanical issues, birth trauma, nutritional and behavioral problems, as well as those children on “the autism spectrum.” Using an integrative approach, she successfully cares for children with challenges using nutritional supplements, dietary changes, CST, chiropractic adjustments, lab testing/evaluation and together with your other clinicians will assist your child with the various steps in the pursuit to health and wellness. Dr. Amber Brooks, DC, CACCP has seen remarkable results on a variety of issues and looks forward to caring for your child too!

Outside her private practice she offers physician consulting, mentoring and is also available for speaking engagements. Visit her at at www.mychildwellness.com or www.dramberbrooks.com and follow her on Facebook at whole child wellness.

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Show Notes:

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Patient Webinars

Tuesday Feb 24th, 6:30pm My Child Has An MTHFR Mutation-How This Affects  Development, Cognition and Behavior

Wednesday March 18th, 12:00pm Transforming Tomorrow-How Behavior &  Development Can Improve In Autism


Practitioner Webinars

Wednesday February 25th, 7:00pm Supplementing Children in Practice: Key Things to Include and Exclude


Tuesday March 10th, 12:00pm Key Components to Children with Autism-What Every Doctor Needs to Know


Tuesday March 31st, 7:00pm The Gut and Brain Connection and What You Need to Know-Interpreting the Comprehensive Stool Test