By: Dr. Ben Rall

A recent report came out from the CDC that reported the leading causes of death in the United States. Now, there are many flaws in this report, but there are a few critical things we need to discuss. Now, I know that some of this information will likely upset a few people, but I know there are many more that will be grateful to have a new perspective. Here is the top 3 killers. (per CDC report)

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Medical Error

First, we really need to reconsider calling CANCER and HEART DISEASE “causes of death”. Let me explain. Research has shown that heart disease and cancer are almost entirely lifestyle related. The most recent research suggest only 5-10% of those diseases are attributed to genetics. It is critical for us to think about cause of disease in a new way.

dirty-pond-water600Lets use a fish tank as an example. If there are 20 fish in a fish tank, and the water become toxic or polluted, and 10 fish died. What was the CAUSE of death? Was the cause whatever the “fish autopsy” or is the cause a combination of the toxic environment and the fishes ability to handle it?

Cancer and heart disease are very similar, as well as a host of many other “diseases” (diabetes, stroke, obesity related diseases) They are not the CAUSE of death, they are the EFFECT of a lifestyle and environment that allows disease to thrive in the body.

We will not “win the war” on disease by looking for ways to “treat” the sick water. We must acknowledge this reality, and address the cause. The lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis that decrease the bodies ability to heal, and increase the chances of developing a preventable disease. We must not see ourselves as helpless victims. The absolute single biggest factor in our health is the daily choices we make, and how we choose to support the incredible healing potential of our body.

There is additional published research that actually shows the NUMBER ONE cause of death is our current medical system. When you add up ALL the medical treatment and prescription drugs deaths, errors, infections it is more than heart disease and cancer. Unbelievable, but true.

Imagine if police were the #1 cause of crime, or fireman were the #1 cause of fires?

Our best bet at avoiding the top 3 (and many other) “causes” of death, is to focus on healthy choices, avoid as much medical care as possible, and use a vitalistic model of healthcare. Keep your fishbowl clean.


And its simply your best bet at health. Period.

unnamedDr. Ben Rall is the owner of Achieve Wellness. The mission of Achieve Wellness is to provide vitalistic solutions and integration into people’s daily lives. We do that thru education, clinical applications, and consulting.

Dr. Rall is releasing his first book “Moving from Corporate Wellness to Cooperate Wellness”, expected release in late August. Please watch Dr. Rall’s Facebook page for further information!

Dr. Rall lives in Orlando Fl. with his wife and 2 children.