Who knew a photo-sharing app could be so popular? One reason Instagram is so fascinating is because it lets people tell their stories in pictures.

You’re able to see what they see!

And engagement on Instagram is through the roof!… so your business should be getting a piece of that!

If you’re new to the app & still don’t know what to post on Instagram, don’t worry, I’ve got 10 ideas that will get your friends hearting you today.

Using these tricks and you will get more followers and more engagement!

You know me, I’ve always got you covered. 😉

10 Super Simple Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

1. Your Products in Use

A powerful way to tell your company’s story is through photos of people using your products or services in the real world.

2. Behind-the-Scenes

Pictures of your profession…what is more beautiful than a candid picture of someone enjoying what you offer?  You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words!

3. Selfies

Selfies are pretty much taking over social media — especially Instagram!

Don’t believe me?

Check Instagram right now & tell me what you see.


Everyone loves a good quote.  Especially if it is targeted towards your profession.  There are some days where the right person may read this and it will speak directly to them.

A great way to fill space but also a great way to inspire your community.

Don’t forget to add Instagram hashtags like #quote or #quotes.

Chiro helps mothers

5. Memes

A meme is light-hearted and fun way to enhance your social media feed.  Many times these are the one thing reeling in the likes and comments!

Final Peyton Super Bowl
6. Video

Showcase your work.  The video below is arguably one of the best videos on YouTube supporting Chiropractic.  With over 9 MILLION views, the 10 minutes is definitely worth your time.  Videos documenting change, not even as extreme as this, are sought throughout the internet.  People need something tangible to believe, and in today’s day of modern technology and those researching their ailments – a video is about as close as you can get.


7. Hyperlapse

The new Instagram Hyperlapse app lets you capture impressive, time-lapse video with theHyperlapse-App push of a button.
You can imagine how useful this feature is for a business marketing itself on Instagram

8. Throwback Thursday or #TBT

Thursdays are when Instagram users share images from the past. They could be photos from when your company was just starting out, or images from fun company parties of yesteryear.

On #TBT, the possibilities are endless!

9. Funny Photos

Laughter is sometimes the best medicine for a down day or a grouchy mood!  Crack someone up and change their mojo for the day!

10. Daily Life

A little picture – here and there – can go a long way.  Share with your followers what you eat, how you workout, what you do to maintain health.  Inspire wellness among your followers…show them that you are behind your profession and your beliefs 100%!  Even if you slip in a Starbucks once in a while, most importantly, show them you are human!!


Now it’s your turn!

These ideas will hopefully get you started.

Now it’s your turn to blow everyone away with your fabulous Instagram photos!

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