Beautiful Woman Shopping For Greens At The MarketEating organic foods that are being produced and sold at local farmers markets are all the rage right now. Still, there are skeptics out there that think locally and organically grown foods are nothing but hogwash.

Here are some reasons to avoid those famers markets and stands.

  1. I love foods with wax covering them.
  2. I don’t care about GMO’s and all of those little stickers warning of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  3. I don’t care which foods are in season. I think tomatoes should be perfect even in December.
  4. I love eating pesticides, they are supposed to protect the foods, so most likely they will protect me too.
  5. I love that every fruit and vegetable are the same size. Who wants variety anyways?
  6. Two pennies saved is two pennies saved.
  7. I don’t care what research is saying about food causing cancers, those tree huggers who believe that non-sense are just making up things.
  8. The government told me that is safe, so it is….right?
  9. All those “green” juices scare me.
  10. I don’t believe in supporting the small businesses and small farmers that are local to me. Its Monsanto or die!
  11. Food is just food. No matter where it comes from
  12. “Organic” is just a term used to jack up the price.

If these statements represent your food opinions and stance, then chances are that you will never fully understand the true meaning of what it is to eat real food and leave the farmers market hippies to themselves.