Looking for a incredible patient education app for your chiropractic office? Well, we have a treat for you. 3d4Medical released its newest app, Spine Pro to add to its already impressive list of medical anatomy apps.  Riding the coat tails of being featured at last month’s Apple Keynote address in San Francisco-WWDC event, 3d4medical rolls out a new app today that is rivaled by none in the world of medical app creation.

Spine Pro, made specifically for chiropractors, physical therapists, students and educators may be the best Ipad tool available as of to date for the medical/Chiropractic community.

CircleofDocs, the professional network for the chiropractic profession, was consulted about design and implementation features that would be warranted by the chiropractic profession. The team at 3d4Medical paid special attention to the requests of our founder Dr. Beau Pierce and produced an outstanding result.

Here is a overview of the app:

In addition to their ever popular apps, Muscle System Pro ,  Brain & Nervous Pro and a slue of others,  Spine Pro is destined to be a hit among doctors and students alike.

Here is our review of the app:

“Spine Pro III allows users to cut, zoom & rotate the spine for an in-depth look at it’s anatomy. Spine Pro III’s scalpel tool provides the ability to cut away different layers to reveal blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, ligaments and three layers of muscle. It also offers views of each individual vertebra and includes images isolating elements of the spine, audio pronunciations and animations detailing major spine disease states and injuries/treatments.”

360° Rotation & Slice
The Spine can be fully rotated with a quick swipe, users can also zoom in and out of the Spine. And rather than just the standard anatomical views, you can now observe the location of the Spine and its components from different angles such as inferior and superior views. Users can also slice the spine for transverse views of the spine and it’s areas (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacrum). And cross section views show all nervous, vascular and skeletal systems with detailed information at the touch of a pin.

This simplicity in use proves to be the easiest way of demonstrating to a patient what structures are being compromised and what areas of the spine are affected. In particular, doctors will utilize the zoom and layers features to either build up or tear down the structures of the spine to for demonstration.

Layers, Index & Pins
Users can add and remove layers using the scalpel tool. And the ‘mix layers’ button can make one layer semitransparent, which is useful when comparing one layer against another layer. This app also includes alternative layers / maps which detail vessels and insertion and origin points.

By pressing the index button the user is offered an index of the pins available. If a pin name is selected the app will take the user to that pin and label it or a user can simply press the pin button on the toolbar and it will show all the pins available on the current screen. On selecting the pin the user can view detailed information and add notes as well as create custom pins! The app can be further customized by using the settings button to turn on and off individual pins.

Media & Animations
We believe that this feature will be the one most utilized by the practicing doctor. A existing problem amongst Chiropractors are the ability to try and relate the mechanism of injury to a patient in terms and animations that can be easily understood. With this app, and its 48 animations, it is as easy as open and click. The animations are beautifully portrayed and relate to the patient efficiently.

Illustrate & Quiz
We absolutely love the feature that allows the user to illustrate on the screen. It’s an easy way for the doctor to “tell the story” of what is happening within the patient’s body.  The ability for the user to draw on the screen brings images even closer into detail.

To make it even better, 3d4medical has enabled a share feature which allows the user to email the illustration to the patient or even share it on Facebook or Twitter.

For students and educators, the Quiz feature in this app is tremendous. Students can quiz themselves on anatomy structures, choose multiple-choice quiz format and even drag and drop the pins over the appropriate landmarks. This will be a for sure hit among medical and chiropractic students.

Ease of Use
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3d4medical-spine-pro-iii-reviewOverall we absolutely love this app. It is easy to use, beautiful in design and functionally sound. The price on this app is $19.99 and well justified. We have seen apps that cost 10x this amount with limited features. This app is a game changer for chiropractors and patient education! Spine Pro is sure to be a instant hit amongst the chiropractic and medical community immediately.