4 Important Principles to Implement in Your Business


1. The Business doesn’t start until you make the first Sale.

* Your practice, day spa, salon is a business, of course, you are giving quality care, treatments, services & products and are looking out for the needs of your patients/ clients but the business is what pays your bills. You need to make sure that you are getting sales in order to keep your business running.

2. Take a Diversified Approach to Marketing your Practice/ Business.

* Doing multiple things at a time is where you are going to find a huge return on investment. You need to be hitting your patients/ clients with several different marketing materials to keep you on the forefront of their minds.

3. Do Niche specific Marketing.

* Market to specific niches so that you are appealing directly to their needs. For example: if you want to do massage, or Botox then you are going to want to Market directly to people who are going to need a massage or looking for Botox injections.Implants.

4. The Pareto Principle 80% of your success comes from 20% of your resources.

* Most of the success and satisfaction you get in your career will come from a small portion of your skills and efforts. Ask Yourself “Where am I getting the most the benefit from?” and compare that to where you are putting in the most work.

By implementing these tactics and strategies into your beauty oriented business you’ll see immediate results. Of course results come from consistency, implementation and taking action. The easiest way to see results is by creating a marketing system and sticking to the plan!

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