Written by Sherman College of Chiropractic | PRIDE – November 24, 2015
For busy chiropractic students, organizational apps can boost productivity.
As a student at chiropractic college, you’re kept busy with demanding coursework, assignments, and upcoming tests. Add club activities, a part-time job, or family responsibilities to the mix and it can be tricky finding the time to do it all!

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Fortunately, there are a few handy apps out there that can help you stay focused and make the most of your time. Whether you need to cut out distractions, organize your to-do list, or take notes more efficiently, there’s an app that can help you along the way.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Remember the Milk: An Easy-to-Use To-Do List for Busy Chiropractic Students


Students juggling multiple responsibilities know just how tough it can be to remember all you need to accomplish in a day. From big assignments to smaller tasks like remembering to buy groceries on the way home, it’s handy to have a friendly reminder now and again. That’s where Remember the Milk comes in.

This easy-to-use app lets you manage your to-do list quickly. It also sends you friendly reminders so that you can stay on track and remember each task you want to accomplish – helping you stay focused as you complete your chiropractic education.

Pomodoro Timer: A Simple Way to Break Up Study Sessions Into Manageable Chunks


Breaking down a long study session into short bursts with small breaks is an effective way to stay focused. What’s not so easy? Keeping those breaks short! It’s not hard to get distracted and have a five-minute break stretch into a much longer pause.

Fortunately, the Pomodoro Timer helps you stay focused. This handy little timer divides a long task into short 25-minute sessions – or pomodoros – and separates each session with a short break. When break time’s over, you’ll get a quick reminder to help you get back on track!

Freedom: An Effective Way for Chiropractic College Students to Block Distractions


For many students, distracting websites like Facebook or Twitter can sap away precious time that could have been used more effectively. That’s why the Freedom app can be such a helpful tool – especially if you’re addicted to social media.

With the help of the Freedom app, chiropractic students get all the benefits of technology without any of the distractions.  Freedom blocks you from using the internet so that you have an easier time focusing on the task at hand. You can schedule a session or simply start one whenever you feel like cutting out distractions.

SuperNotes: The Perfect Note-Taking App for Your Chiropractic Continuing Education


Making the most of the time you have inside the classroom can be just as important as the time you spend outside of class. And there are apps that can help you be more productive in the classroom, too (just make sure to ask your instructor first)!

For many students completing their chiropractic continuing education, keeping up with course lectures can feel like a daunting task – even with the help of supportive instructors. If you think your note-taking skills might need a boost, then the SuperNotes app might be the perfect fit for you. This handy app lets you take notes quickly onto your tablet. You can even use it to take pictures if you’re worried about missing a slide!

Don’t Break the Chain! Helps You Get a Little Bit Done Each Day


Studying a bit each day is an effective way of staying on top of coursework and preparing for finals. But when a test is a long way off, it can be hard to feel motivated to study every day.

That’s why Don’t Break the Chain! can be a helpful app for chiropractic college students. This app reminds you to do a bit each day to reach your goals, and it encourages you to keep going without interrupting your progress.

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