8 Lessons Every Chiropractor Can Learn from the Cybertruck Unveiling


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Hey everyone, today we are talking cyber trucks in chiropractic. That’s right. You’re going to love this one.

Hey everyone, Dr Beau here and I’m so excited to have you here for another episode of the chiropractic secrets. I believe I got something today that you all are going to smile at, laugh at, shake your head, not up and down and say, Oh my gosh, Elon Musk is a genius and this correlates exactly to my chiropractic practice. Now, before I dive too much into this podcast today, first note, this one will probably be a little bit longer than our normal eight to 10 minutes. Like I totally have because this is important stuff guys. Uh, I don’t know about you guys, but when I saw the launch of the cyber truck come out, I was literally in shock, like utter shock. And the more time that has passed and the more time I’ve had to reflect back on what took place on that stage, the more I’m beginning to think that Elon Musk is even a bigger genius than I once thought.

Now, let me dive in and give you guys eight reasons or eight things that every chiropractor can learn from the launch of the cyber truck. So the very first thing that I want you guys to pick up on is this, is that this cyber truck is 100% completely polarizing. That’s right. The cyber truck, in my opinion, has been the only new piece of invention or the only new gadget or the only new car, the only new toy, so to speak, or I’ve literally seen lines being drawn in the sand. Now as the time of this recording, which is December 2nd I was just checking online and Tesla has released, or I should say Elon Musk has tweeted that they have received over 200,000 pre-orders of the cyber truck. Now, for those of you guys who have pre-ordered, great, for those of you who haven’t, let me give you guys a little insight is that when you go to quote unquote preorder, you’re only putting a hundred dollars down and yes it is fully refundable, but ultimately he came out and made this announcement and then next thing we know, he opens it up and says, all right, whoever wants to start ordering it, you can start ordering it right now.

And people literally were flooding the Tesla website for this and to be honest, 200,000 I thought there may be 20,000 matter of fact when it rolled out, I was kind of like, what the heck is this that he showed? I think everyone was thinking that, you know, I don’t know how old you guys are, but I’m of the Apple generation. Matter of fact, I can remember exactly where I was when Steve jobs pulled out the iPhone for the first time or he’s like, what’s in my pocket? And he pulled out the iPod for the first time and I remember him being so eloquent and so revealing. And when people would see the newest tech that he pulled out, they literally lost their minds. I mean the cheering streamers from heaven, you name it. I mean it was insane. Matter of fact, still when you go to an Apple, a release party or an Apple event, people are rabid for the new tech that’s coming out.

And they go absolutely crazy. And when I watched the Tesla livestream event, they rolled out the cyber truck, it was literally utter silence in the crowd. Matter of fact, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers and they were saying that the people that were actually live there, they all thought it was a joke. They were actually waiting for like the real truck to like, I don’t know, like unfold or come out or be be a transformer, so to speak. And then a new truck would avail. And the cyber truck was literally just kind of like, they thought it was a sham or they thought, you know, Elon Musk was, you know, making fun of people and it was utter quietness. And as he began to speak, and as he started going into the presentation more, uh, I kind of felt that people started to kind of like their mind starting to turn.

And to be honest, when I first saw it, I was like, Oh my God, that is the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It looks like something like Marty McFly would create in his, in his mind, went back to the future. But I will tell you that it is starting to grow on me. The more and the more that I see the truck. And I read about the truck and I want to go a little bit more into that, but first off, understand this. He was completely polarizing. You know, there’s people who love, love, love Tesla. One of my best friends, Nick, is this huge Tesla person. Man has cars or Tesla, he’s got the solar on his outside. He’s drinking the Tesla juice. So to speak. And when he saw it, he actually started laughing and I said, what do you think of this?

And he’s like, Oh, this is so Elon Musk. He’s so different than what any person would normally think. I mean, look at what he’s done with PayPal or with a space X and the fact that he’s created something that people thought couldn’t be done and he’s brought ideas to market that in his opinion are completely out of this world. So when he saw that, he actually just started to laugh. But I believe from the more I’m seeing on Twitter and what have you is that people are either loving the look, design and feel of the cyber truck or they’re on the opposite side. That is the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen in my life. I would not get caught dead driving that. And it has really, really created these two camps. And I really believe that Tesla and Elon Musk have tried to do that. They don’t want it to be just your average run of the mill Chevy for Dodge that’s out there.

They want people to see this truck rolling down the street and say, Oh my God, what is that thing? Turn some heads and people say, that’s the new Tesla. That’s exactly what he wanted. And from a branding perspective, it’s absolutely incredible. But from aesthetic perspective, I don’t know. It can be a huge hit or it’s going to be a huge mess. But, uh, regardless, he’s definitely making a statement. Now how does that translate into your practice? Is the question is, is how polarizing are you? How polarizing is your statement out into the marketplace? Are you just “another chiropractor who cracks backs? Or are you something different? Have you differentiated your place in the marketplace? Have you differentiated your practice among other chiropractors? Have you differentiated chiropractic amongst the other medical professionals that may be surrounding you in your local community? Maybe it’s time that you draw a line in the sand and say, look, here’s who I am.

Here’s what my truck is. Here’s what my Tesla is. And if you don’t like it, the heck with yet. And if you love it, get on board because we’re changing the world. So the first thing is how polarizing are you and how polarizing is this new Tesla cybertruck that’s out there. Now my second thing is, is just to kind of backtrack a little bit about what I was saying about Steve jobs going out and giving presentation. Is that number two, Elon Musk is a terrible presenter. Absolutely hoard. Matter of fact, when he came out there, I looked at my wife and I said, is he smoking weed? Again? If you guys don’t know Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan show, he smoked a big old fat blunt and was laughing about it and people were calling him crazy. And when I saw him out there talking about the cyber truck, I really thought, is this guy high right now or is he drunk or what?

Because he was fumbling his words. He was, you know, running two sentences on together. You could barely hear him talking half the time. You must have to like to lean into him and be like, is this guy, is this for real? It’s like, is this guy the head of multibillion-dollar companies because he’s 100% on polished. And that leads me to my second point guys, is that you don’t always have to be polished no matter, excuse me. Matter of fact, a lot of times being the most unpolished is the rawest, the most truthful, the most upfront. And I see, so chiropractors make the mistake or say, you know about, I have so much fear in doing social media or getting on video or putting YouTube videos out there because I’m not polished. I don’t sound good on camera. I don’t look good on camera. Hell, look at Elon Musk.

He’s out there selling a brand new concept and truck and he fumbles the entire presentation through. I mean, he is probably the most unpolished speaker that I’ve ever seen. Give a presentation on that stage. I don’t care if he’s a CEO of whatever company, completely unpolished. And guess what? Completely raw and actually completely real. So you doc, my message to you is who cares if you’re polished or unpolished? Just get up there and be real. Tell who you are. Tell your story, tell your truth and who cares if other people have said it before, it’s not using it. So number two just be you. Don’t worry about being a polished speaker. Now my number three thing is is that the cyber truck is actually a hundred percent focused on one thing and yes it is about the aesthetics, but it’s really about the quality and the specs of the truck.

Now I want to tell you guys a little story from my perspective. I currently right now am in the market for a brand new truck and know before you jump into conclusions, I have not yet put my deposit down for a cyber truck. So I’m not a Tesla fanboy by any means. I don’t own a Tesla car. My wife drives a GMC Denali and I drive a Chevy Silverado truck. And the thing about this that’s so interesting to me per se, in particular, is the specs of this truck. Matter of fact, if you look on a piece of paper, the specs of this truck, you are blown away zero to 60 in under three seconds. Again, if you buy the highest model under three seconds, 500-mile range between charges, 500 miles, that’s insane. Auto leveling, you can bring the truck up, you can bring the truck back down, four will dry.

I mean it has every spec in the world that you would want in a truck. And the cool part about it is is that you could literally drive this truck and not ever have to worry about gas if you’re obviously supercharging it. Matter of fact, it has no gas engine, so it has very, very little maintenance on the car. And the reason that I, in particular, don’t like to drive my truck loan distances is that my truck gets about eight to 10 miles to a gallon of gas. And now you’re telling me I can drive 500 miles before even having to charge it, like plugging into a supercharger and it has no maintenance. So from a specs perspective, this truck is absolutely incredible. So how does that relate to chiropractic will? It relates to chiropractic in the fact that we, when we are dealing with our patients and our community, we need to be relentless with our focus on the quality that we are giving forth.

Really, really high-quality guys are what we need to provide to our patients. We need to give them the best quality service that we can from the second they walk through your door to one day off, face down on their table, and then they get up, they pay and they leave. We should be scrutinizing and so focused on quality. Matter of fact, when was the last time you walked through your practice as a new patient? If you haven’t done that in the last six months, I highly, highly suggest that you do everything that you touch. Everything, every piece of paper you fill out, every way that you interact with your staff, your team, you know what they see, what they feel, what they touch, what they smell. All of that needs to be focused on quality. All right? My number three thing is is I’m going down my list here is, or excuse me, my number four thing.

The first one was being polarizing. The second one is that, Hey, look, you don’t need to be a Polish speaker. My third thing is, is that you did have a relentless focus on quality. My fourth thing, and this is very different in our chiropractic world, is that Elon Musk is a master at selling the premium first. Now, I saw this from a post online where a gentleman said, Hey, Elan sells premium to fund everything else. And I thought that was very interesting. And the reason I think it’s interesting is because chiropractors are focused on selling the least expensive and trying to graduate people up through a value ladder, meaning, Hey, look, come in for a consultation and x-rays for $14 and then they try to sell them, you know, acute care package and corrective care. Then wellness care, and then, Oh look, we also have this package where you can take not only your chiropractic, but your fitness, your exercise, your diet, your nutrition, all of these other things.

Well, what Elon Musk has done is he’s completely flipped the situation on its head and he’s selling the most expensive thing first. That’s right. He’s selling cars at 80 90 a hundred thousand dollars first so he can fund the rest of his build-out of his company. So my question to you doc is how long are you waiting to progress a patient through your quote-unquote value ladder before you offer them the ultimate package? Why not flip it and say, look, Hey, here’s our best package, which is our ultimate package. And yeah, we can take you back down to whatever fits your lifestyle and needs, but look, if you want the best, you want the best health that’s out there, the best longevity, that’s the one you need. This is a really interesting concept to me because even in my own practice, as good as I am, as far as progressing people through that value ladder, I, unfortunately, have not always thought about selling premium first.

And I am now re-changing and recalculating everything and saying, look, when I go in to sell my packages, I’m starting with premium first and then I’m going to back off and work my way back down if need be. So maybe something that you need to do in your practice as well. All right. My fifth thing is is that this is that beta is okay. That’s right. Beta is okay. If you guys don’t know what a beta is in the world of computers, online, internet marketing, whatever, they’ll say something’s a beta project or an early project or look, it’s not polished yet and it’s not completely all the way done and we’re still working on it. So it’s quote-unquote in beta. Now two things come to my mind when I think of the cyber truck and beta. The first one which everyone will talk about is if you didn’t watch the uh, unveiling of the cyber truck, they tell this new glass that Tesla has created, I think they call it Arbor glass or something and they drop like these weights on the glass from like three feet, six feet, nine feet, what have you, and it doesn’t break the glass.

Well, what ends up happening is a guy who picks up this steel ball and he walks over and he goes to throw the ball against the window and it’s supposed to bounce off. Well, it actually cracks the glass, literally live on TV and Elan is sitting there going, Oh my God, this is not supposed to crack. It’s supposed to balance off. Then they take it and they throw it against the back panel and it does the exact same thing and he’s almost joking. He’s like, Hey, ran to fix this in post. Well I was reading some Twitter updates trying to learn more about it and right before they did this, uh, experiment on the glass, they actually took a sledgehammer and sledgehammered the door to show that it didn’t ding well. When we did that, it hit that panel and it actually cracked the bottom of the glass.

So when they went to throw the ball, it was already fractured a little bit and that’s ultimately what broke it. But it was a huge failure, an Epic failure. Literally live. Hundreds of thousands of people are watching it and he’s just like, Hey, this is beta, we’re going to fix it in post. And I thought that was really, really interesting. And the second thing is, is that if you guys haven’t noticed if you watch the unveiling of the cyber truck, there was no color to the actual truck. That’s right. The truck didn’t have any color. It was literally like sheet metal color. Matter of fact, people were tweeting Ilan on Twitter and saying, Hey look, can we get in a black? Can we get it green? Could we get it in yellow? And he was like, Oh yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll add that color. Yeah, sure.

I’ll add that color. So here, here’s what this comes down to guys, is that [inaudible] and he even says this himself, failure is an option. And if you’re not failing, you’re not innovating enough. So my question to you is, in your practice, what are you constantly trying to innovate and do? And if you’re innovating and doing it and you’re failing, who cares? It’s always beta. You’re always trying to get better in your practice. You’re always trying to innovate in your practice. So do that. Innovate. It’s okay to be beta. All right, next thing, number six. So if you guys are staying with me, I know we’re at about 15 minutes right now. I really love this presentation guys, because number one, it was terrible and I loved every second of it. But the most important thing is that I, I liked about this is that, and this is actually number nine, is that Elan keeps his promises.

Matter of fact, people have been asking him for a while, Hey, what is the cyber truck gonna come out? What is the Tesla truck? And to come out. And he clearly stated it’s going to come out November of 2019 and he said that about a year and a half ago, and people were like, Oh my gosh, we have to wait until November as it’s gonna get pushed back. Ah, they’re not going to have it ready by that. Oh, there’s been no leaked images of the cyber Chuck. What are they gonna come out with? Right guys? Ultimately, here’s what it comes down to. Ilan kept his promise. And so should you. Here’s what I mean. I don’t know about you, but in our practice, we get crazy busy. We see a hundred plus patients a day through my practice with, you know, multiple associates here. And many times, unfortunately, things slip by, right?

We say, Oh, you know what, in two months I promise you we’re going to do a re-examine everything. Oh you know, I think you know, this is the end of your care program, but let’s push it a little bit forth. And you’re like, wait for a second, what promises have I been making to my patients? And ultimately what promises have I been braking to my patients? Now I don’t know about you guys, but in my practice here we do nutrition, we do supplementation, we do corrective exercises, we do rehab as well as the most important part, which is obviously the chiropractic. But in a lot of ways sometimes those other things get pushed back because we’re so focused on, you know, checking and adjusting spines. So one of the things that I’ve kinda had to redo and re look at is what promises are I making to my patients that I’m breaking?

And you know, it really has hit me in the face that I need to make more promises and stick to those promises. So doc, if you’re out there saying, Hey look, you know, so your eyeball, I’ve pushed some things around and I haven’t necessarily always been every single day on top of it. As you enter the new year, let’s get back on our promises. Let’s keep our promises as far as what we’re doing. All right. Now in addition to that, we talked about keeping promises. We talked about a couple other things. Here’s the deal guys. Uh, number eight, just don’t care. Sometimes if things break, that’s right. Your practice will never probably ever be perfect. You’ll always have staff turnover. You’ll have associates come, you’ll have associates go. And it’s the same thing with the cyber truck. There’s going to be improvements made based upon the design now until the, based upon to the design that comes over and rolls off the production line.

Matter of fact, production of the cyber truck’s not supposed to even start until next year, and the Twitter sphere is going crazy asking for things like solar panels on the top of the roof and ask them for more charging outlets and independent suspension and all these other things, and guess what? Stuff’s going to break and stuff’s not gonna work out and it’s going to be in beta for a while. But ultimately, guys, that’s okay. Just keep focusing on your quality, keep innovating, keep doing things in your practice that push the limits of where you think healthcare should be. And if it breaks, it breaks. That’s why they call it practice, right? That’s right. It’s practice. And then the last thing is, is this number nine, you always want to know what’s your end game in this, what Elon Musk took the stage the other day. He knew that he was going to bring out a truck or a vehicle, whatever you want to call it.

That was a complete game changer. It was going to make people polarize. People are going to love it. They’re going to hate it. You know they’re going to scrutinize it, they’re gonna fall in love with it, but ultimately he had one goal and that was for you to pick up your phone, get on your desktop, and to reserve your cyber truck. My question to you guys is, what is your end goal with your patients when they come into your practice? Is your end goal that they stay for three adjustments? Is your end goal that they become lifelong chiropractic advocates? Is your goal that you become a health coach for them? Whatever it is, always know what your end goal is going to be with the patient before the patient comes in. Because if you have your end goal in mind, Hey, I will hit the bias cyber truck.

Hey, I want her to be a wellness patient for the rest of their life. It’s going to change the way that you speak to that patient. It’s going to change your perception during your exam procedures. It’s going to change the way that you explain things when you lay out your courses of care for that patient. So always guys know what’s your end game is in mind. All right. I know that this podcast has been longer than some of our other ones, but I think this is really good stuff and it really, really hit me that man, it is so, so important that we pick up on some of these business rules, business acumen, things that make you say, you know what? I could take what he did and apply it to my practice, to my business inside my chiropractic walls. Now guys, I want you to know, do you guys find value in these types of podcasts?

Matter of fact, I’ll be honest with you, this one took me a while to put together. I actually, you know, you’d probably notice that I referenced Twitter a lot. I did a lot of reading about Elon. Who happens if you guys didn’t know to be raised by his grandparents who just happened to be chiropractors. That’s pretty cool too, right? Anyway, guys, uh, this is some good stuff and I think that Tesla has a definite first mover advantage right now in this world of electric trucks. And I can’t see half the, can’t wait to see how, you know GM and Ford and Dodge counterpunch and they come in with their own electric vehicles. But I geek out on this stuff and I and I really, really like it. So if you guys liked this podcast, would you please do two things? If you’re not a subscriber already, please subscribe.

And number two send me an email. And then number three, if you’re really awesome, share this on your social channels. Take a picture of uh, of the podcast episode and share it tag circle of docs and tag meet dr Bo and I will show then to share it on my Instagram and my Facebook feeds as well. All right guys, I’ll close it off up here. I hope you guys are having an amazing start to your December. Thanksgiving was amazing in my, in my household and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks and months are gonna come forth because 2020 is going to change everything and I’m excited to unveil what I’ve been working on to help you and your practice grow. All right. Until next time guys, I’ll talk to you later. Bye now.

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