A New Reality…


By:  Dr. Ben Rall


I am fascinated by other movements or social revolutions that have happened in history. From civil rights rights, to women’s rights, to the abolishment of slavery, all these transformational times had one thing in common – A new way of seeing something. A new perspective. A new way of thinking.


Now, I understand this is a very simple answer to a very complicated, much larger conversation, but its and important point to discuss as it relates to our health and healthcare. Many of us have been raised in the current medical model and have just assumed the model we operate in is the correct one. This is not much different than how many generations were raised to view slavery, women, or any other group of people “different” than them. We often just absorb the beliefs of those before us.

Until…we don’t.


A new idea, an underlying truth, a natural law, or in inalienable right brought to light. We are asked to consider something we had never thought much about before. We can no longer just go along with culture. We need to make a decision.


This is the “essentialness” of change. A new idea is presented. We deal with it in our hearts and minds. We decide.


This is where we sit with healthcare. For a long time we were taught to not question the healthcare system. Then cracks began to form in the armor. People began to ask questions. The “risks” were seeming to outweigh the perceived benefits. We started having poor experiences, or knowing others that had. We started seeing or experiencing the financial burden. We began to “feel” like something wasn’t right, but we couldn’t really put our fingers on it. Was it the financial greed? The onslaught of medications for everything? The poor results? or something else?


I would suggest its something else. The foundational assumptions of the current medical model are incomplete for human healthcare. The model is based on a “mechanistic” view of the human body. We are seen as parts and pieces that can be manipulated, removed, or added to. Although this approach may offer certain limited results in the short term and in emergency situations, it is not a complete definition of healthcare.


So what is the “new reality” we need to consider? We must consider a model of healthcare for our lives and culture based upon VITALISM. This “new” understanding is really an acknowledgment of the the natural laws that govern our bodies. Our bodies are more than the sum of their parts. They are self-healing, self-regulating organisms. Even the wound the surgeon may make with a scalpel is healed by the innate healing power within the body. With this understanding and appreciation for our bodies vitalistic properties, we THEN begin to create a new model of healthcare. Millions of people are already operating outside the outdated mechanical model, but the cultural revolution tipping point is just beginning.


When we change the way we see things, the things we see change. So, what’s your decision; are we machines, or something more?

unnamedDr. Ben Rall is the owner of Achieve Wellness. The mission of Achieve Wellness is to provide vitalistic solutions and integration into people’s daily lives. We do that thru education, clinical applications, and consulting.

Dr. Rall is releasing his first book “Moving from Corporate Wellness to Cooperate Wellness”, expected release in Sept. 2016. Please watch Dr. Rall’s Facebook page for further information!


Dr. Rall lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and 2 children.