Achieve More In Less Time By Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Time Management


Time Management.

But how, exactly, is time management benefiting us when it ultimately fills each day with more and more mundane tasks? It seems to me that pursuing busy-ness simply for the sake of being busy is counter-productive.

The power of these two little words has become a battle cry throughout today’s society, both in the areas of business and personal life. The overwhelming thrust of time management seems to center around getting more done today than was accomplished yesterday. Being constantly busy.

Which brings me to my first cardinal rule regarding time management.

Concentrate on Getting Results, Not on Simply Being Busy.

There is a school of thought called the “Pareto Principle” which addresses doing more versus achieving more. According to this principle, 80% of our unfocused effort will generate only 20% of our desired results.

The remaining 80% of results are achieved with only 20% of our effort. In other words, by focusing on specific goals we can dramatically increase the effectiveness of our time with much less effort. Less effort, less time investment and certainly less stress, yet with considerably greater benefit.

So before you embark on another time-consuming task, ask yourself if this task will bring you closer to achieving the goal you have set. Keeping your goal in mind, what would be the consequences of not achieving said task? It is important to be brutally honest with yourself here. If you cannot directly link the task to achieving the goal, just set it aside.

My Other Cardinal Rule When it Comes to Time Management is Prioritize.

Create a to-do list of all the tasks you absolutely must carry out. Prioritize your list with the most crucial tasks listed first and the least important tasks at the bottom.

A good to-do list is fundamentally important to working efficiently and will go a long way toward keeping you on an even keel when you feel overwhelmed. It can also save you from missing important opportunities or deadlines.

By prioritizing your tasks, you plan the order in which you will do things. You can keep track of what needs your immediate attention, as well as what you can thankfully forget about until later.

to-do-listIt has been my experience, with a well thought out to-do list, I am able to stay focused on the project or goal at hand, I feel less overwhelmed, and at the end of the day, I feel less frustrated and exhausted.

So if your attempts at time management are resulting in busier days with less actually accomplished, it may be time to sit back and reconsider your methods.

Remember, Busy Does Not Necessarily Mean Productive.

In fact, it may mean you are functioning less effectively and actually wasting time by focusing on tasks which have little or no bearing on successfully reaching your goals.

Streamline your efforts and focus every day. I believe you will find you will achieve greater results, and invest much less time in achieving them.

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