Are you a Chiropractic Stream or Reservoir?

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Are you a chiropractor and live the chiropractic lifestyle? Why are you not telling your patients about it? Your success in practice and our profession depends on it! In todays podcast we take a deep dive into what being a chiropractic stream and/or chiropractic reservoir is all about!

(Automated Transcript below)

Hey, what’s going on everyone? Hope you guys are having a great day, week, month, year, all of the above. Uh, I heard one simple sentence that changed everything for me this past week. Let’s dive in.

Okay, so things have been incredibly busy here at circle of docs lately. Life has been busy with me. My kids are now back into school. Other businesses are crazy. My practices great at three associates soon going to four here at the beginning of the year. I could not be more excited, but I have to tell you one thing literally stopped me in my tracks the other day. And if you guys are listening to this podcast, chances are that you listened to a lot of podcasts and that’s great. I think that is incredible and I hope that you are also listening to other chiropractic podcast. Matter of fact, I’m going to be making a blog post about the top 10 chiropractic podcasts that every chiropractor should be listening to.

So I would hope that you feel your day, your morning, and your evening with great chiropractic information. However, what I’m about to tell you actually came outside of Chiropractic and it was so incredibly powerful to me that it literally changed my perspective when I am on the tables with my patients. And the same simply is this, don’t be a reservoir, be a stream. Let me say that one more time. Don’t be a reservoir. Be a stream. Now, what does that mean to me and what does that mean to you? Well, for me, when I heard that what it meant is that we do not or should not be a reservoir of information. We should not be a reservoir of chiropractic. We should not be a reservoir of amazing stories that never get told, right? A reservoir, in my opinion, is a stagnant body of water.

It may be very deep, it may be very wide, but there’s no movement happening in that body of water. Now, doc, if you’re listening to this, chances are you’re either in school right now or you’ve been in practice for a certain period of time. Could be two days, could be two weeks, could be 22 years, could be 200 years, whatever it is. But you have accumulated so much knowledge, so much information, and you have incredible miracle stories that are happening on your tables every single day. And the worst thing that you can do, the worst thing that we can do as a profession is not to allow that information to flow through us. Meaning this, I don’t know how many times that I see something amazing happen in a doctor’s practice and I’m like, you need to tell every person that you know about what just happened.

I’ve heard of people going into chiropractic being adjusted and suddenly they can hear, suddenly they can see suddenly unexpected benefits are being seen and the chiropractor just shrugs it off like, yeah, it’s pretty cool, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. It happens all the time. Yeah. It’s just one of those things guys, girls, these are miracles that are happening in your practice every single day and if people don’t hear about this, don’t see this, aren’t able to experience what you are seeing in your practice. How do we expect our practices and our profession to grow? It’s simply not going to happen. So I want to urge you today doc, is to just start to let information, let the chiropractic lifestyle flow through you. And here’s what the really cool part about it is. If you’ve been to a stream, streams are running and water is constantly replacing itself over and over and over again.

So don’t ever feel like you’ll run out of information or you know, hey, I don’t know if you know, uh, this is going to continue in my practice. You guys know this tributaries lead to other tributaries which lead to rivers, which leads to oceans and motion is where it’s at. We need to be in a constant state of creation, of energy, of flow. I mean, we know this guys, when we’re speaking with our patients, right? We talk about subluxation, we talk about stagnation in the body. We talk about when the body is out of alignment, the nervous system starts to become stagnant and not work appropriately. Well guys, we need to flip the script a little bit and look at our lives and look at what we’re putting out into our profession. We’ll look what we’re putting out into our communities. And our communication about what we are doing on the tables, because let’s be honest, if you are not putting out any information, if you’re not routinely blogging, if you’re not routinely emailing your patients, if you don’t have a table talks script for the first 25 adjustments.

If you’re not doing reexamination where you’re saying, hey, look, here’s what you came in with, here’s what we assessed, here’s where you’re at today and you don’t allow that information to flow through you. Your practice is going to suffer and or die. Guys, I’m going to be really honest with you here. I’ve just had the opportunity to talk to hundreds if not thousands of chiropractors at this point, and the doctors who are constantly 100% talking, chiropractic and the chiropractic lifestyle are the most successful doctors. It’s very, very simple. This isn’t rocket science. You know, I think everyone tries to make social media and Google Algorithms and all of this different things. Very, very complicated, but at the most basic core level, it comes down to you living the lifestyle and sharing your lifestyle with everyone around you. You should be absolutely every single day. Making a video, talking about some aspect of Chiropractic to your patient base and to your community.

You should be emailing your patients at least once a week and just tell stories, tell about amazing things that you’ve seen in your practice. Tell about you know, studies that you’ve read and how it relates back to chiropractic and how it relates to life and how it relates to our local community. You guys should be a fountain, a stream of information that’s constantly giving and giving and giving. And guys, as you guys know this, the world works in the law of reciprocity. So the more that you give, the more that you’re going to get back into your practice. Now, today, guys, I know that you’re probably on your way to the, to your practice or you’re on your way to your gym or maybe you’re running right now. I would love if you would start to formulate ideas in your mind about ways that you can become a stream of information to your community.

It could be anything. It could be testimonials. It could be, let me show you what happens during the first five visits. Let me show you the inside of my office. Let me talk about why I became a chiropractor. Let me give you guys some insight of what natural birthing actually looks like. Let me give you some thoughts on what I believe true healthcare looks like. Let me give you some thoughts about why I chose Chiropractic, why I chose the school that I’m in. What are my biggest struggles? What are my biggest victories? What are the things that I want to change in my life? The things I want to change in my patient’s life, the things I want to change in this United States of America. You know, this world that we live in, guys, the possibilities are absolutely endless, but it only comes down to one thing and that is you.

Are you willing to step up and become this stream of information or are you going to sit in a stagnant filled pool with mosquitoes and nastiness and disease and disease, ultimately leading to the death of your practice and the death of our profession? Guys, I got to tell you, I am not willing to allow that to happen. That’s why I do this podcast. That’s why I have circle of docs. That’s why I do all these other crazy ventures because I am 100% in when it comes to chiropractic. My question is, are you 100% in and if you are, is your lifestyle showing it? Are you a stream or are you a reservoir? Talk to you later.