BackScratchers is a groundbreaking, never-done-before patient education tool that combines the fun of Trivial Pursuit with the excitement of scratch-off lotto tickets.

Each deck of BackScratcher Cards features 60 unique eye-catching designs and short chiropractic factoids. On the back, is a Socratic question or sentence completion with four possible multiple-choice answers. Patients scratch off the answer they think is correct. It’s this critical thinking feature that produces a real shift in patient beliefs.

“I didn’t know that.”

“I never thought of it like that before.”

“This is fun! May I have another?”

BackScratcher Cards are the brainchild of William Esteb, the creative director and patient education expert at Patient Media.

“The problem with most chiropractic patient education is that it’s actually not very effective,” observes Esteb. “It’s mostly passive video or verbal declarations to which patients can easily feign interest and ignore. It rarely produces the critical thinking necessary to shift a patient’s belief or their behavior.”

With BackScratcher Cards displayed in the reception room, patients help themselves to a new card on each visit. It turns even the shortest waiting time into an opportunity to test their knowledge about key chiropractic concepts. The humor engages patients and prompts them to self-serve on future visits.

“This is the result of over a decade of thinking about how to make chiropractic patient education fun for the patient and provoke deeper thinking beyond the relief of their symptoms,” says Esteb. “By making the messages short and adding the scratch off component, BackScratchers make patient education fun.”

Within hours of placing the BackScratcher Cards in their reception room, chiropractors notice that the types of questions patients ask are more significant and the conversation topics in their adjusting rooms become more meaningful.


“The short messages urge preventive and wellness care, promotes family care and explain the nervous system focus of chiropractic care,” smiles Esteb. “They introduce chiropractic principles and make learning fun. Plus, it doesn’t require any scripting or implementation procedures. It’s driven by the patients who are interested in playing the game.”

Each BackScratcher card is about the size of two business cards and fit in the typical business card holder or the branded Plexiglas dispenser offered by Patient Media. Plus, each card can be personalized with the doctor’s details and optional practice slogan.

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