March 18th-20 2016 the California Jam Freedom Tour will invade Costa Mesa, California and for three days take over the Segrestrom Hall. This year’s attendance of 3,500+ doctors and laypersons alike is once again on a path to smash last years record audience and continue the growth trend that Cal Jam has been on since inception.

Billy_Round-220x220The purpose of Cal Jam, according to founder Dr. Billy DeMoss, is ‘to express our desire to change the world, our passion to make learning fun, and a thirst for increased human potential. We educate the planet by creating an unequaled atmosphere and providing access to the world’s leading experts on health and sustainability. We create a community of truth seekers that make natural solutions more attractive than harmful man-made options, ensuring the well-being of future generations.’


This year’s theme is The Freedom Tour


What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Freedom is a word synonymous with American culture. 

Those who established freedom as an American ideal lived in a different time; however, freedom is still a concept woven into the fabric of our country and culture.

We decided to name California Jam 2016 The Freedom Tour because we believe an evaluation of what freedom means today and what it can mean tomorrow is in order.

It’s valuable to understand what freedom means to you as an individual and within the context of your community because a time may come when you need to fight for it.

Freedom is an interesting ideal because it is so ingrained in our culture, however, it can and does have different meanings to different people. For this reason, we decided to ask our speakers from Cal Jam 2015 what freedom means to them.

This year the speakers will NOT just be Chiropractors, but people who Billy D calls thought provokers, truth seekers, and others who are the leading the charge in the alternative health paradigm.

Below are interviews that Billy D performed with some of the speakers set to grace the stage next week:

Dr. Joe Mercola


Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Jack Wolfson


At Cal Jam, we’re all about living thoughtful and meaningful lives. We believe knowing your ideals and actively seeking them out is imperative to both personal and professional success.cjlive

As the videos states: Cal Jam exists to cultivate, educate, and empower an ever-expanding community of people who seek the truth regarding health and sustainability. We hope you join us, March 18th-20th 2016, as we continue this mission.

Last minute tickets are still available. Please go to the CalJam wesbite or if you can’t make the event in person we encourage you to LIVESTREAM it on your computer/Ipad HERE.