Portable tables are a staple in every chiropractors practice. Whether you are a student getting ready for a missions trip, you work your weekends as a concierge doctor, or work with professional athletes, every doctor needs to have their own portable table.

Recently we had the guys at ChiroLux Tables (who just happen to be students at Life West) reach out and ask us to do a review of their brand new portable table, the ChiroLux Plus Table. The review below is our initial thoughts during the unboxing and first impression review.

Here are the specs from their website:

  • Weight of Only 22 lbs
  • Includes FREE CarryCase with Signature Backpack Straps and Side Handle
  • 5 Position Quick-Touch Flexion/Extension Headpiece
  • Features Functional Shoulder Cutouts
  • Table Width 20″ x Length 70”
  • Welded Aircraft Aluminum Tubing Provides Solid Stability
  • Permanently Connected Cables
  • Push Button Telescoping Height Adjustment 18″- 28″
  • Soft, Comfortable Custom Table Handle
  • Charcoal Black Synthetic Upholstery on 1″ Thick Firm Density Foam to Allow Maximum Comfort
  • Wide Stance Legs and No-Slip-Feet to Prevent Sliding and Tipping
  • Active Weight Capacity: 450 lbs
  • Static Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

A few action shots of doctors and students using their ChiroLux table!

Adapt- Anytime, Anywhere.  Whether you are adjusting in the clinic or traveling the world on service trips, ChiroLux Portable Chiropractic Table feature a superior design and portability for limitless locations. Each are assembled by hand with the highest quality materials and are built to last.

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Transcript of the video (Automated)

Before we get started, please notice this. This is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting paid by ChiroLux. They literally reached out to me and said, hey beau, I know that you are a tall in practice doctor, and we just came out with a brand new table called the ChiroLux Plus. It’s a little bit bigger and a little bit longer and we want to know what you think about it. So everything that I’m about to reveal here on this table is simply my opinion, what I think, how I practice. And ultimately I hope that some of it translates over for you. Alright, let’s get started.

First impression, all right guys who were checking out the brand new chirolux plus table. Now, for anybody that does any sort of portable chiropractic, you know that your portable table is uber important. Matter of fact, it may be the second most important tool other than your hands. Now, I personally think that there are two things that are necessary for a portable table. The first one is actually how much does the table weigh? How portable is it? You know, I’ve tested lots of different tables, especially here, even on the circle of docs, and some of those portable tables can weight up to 50 pounds. Now, the great thing about this is it weighs in at only 22 pounds. The second thing that’s really important to me is the actual stability of the table. Nothing worse than putting a patient on the table, only to have them turn over and literally fall off the table.

So we’re going to see how stable this is. But first off, the ability at only 22 pounds is incredible, especially if you’re someone that flies a lot because you know that your baggage can only weigh 40 pounds per bag. All right, I also want to show you one cool thing that I discovered about this table is the hook around to the back. I’m going to open up this zipper here, and this actually comes with backpack straps right here. So what you can do is you can clip here and here, and you can wear this as a backpack guys. So I know a lot of you guys are lugging lots of tables and bags and things through the airport. This simply slides on your back and you’ve got to backpack right off the bat. So ingenious idea for the people that designed this. All right, so let’s dive into this thing a little bit and let’s take a look at it.

Okay. First off, you know that this bag is pretty high quality. It’s not like a cheap bag. It’s not going to break or tear. You know, some of those flimsier bags, you can tell this bag has a little bit of padding in it as well. So, uh, I definitely would give a thumbs up on that opinion. Now as I take the table out, this table doesn’t have clips or anything to unfold and open it up. All you simply have to do is pull and open on a table up and it opens up like this. Now, my first impression when I don’t have this table up is there is a whole heck of a lot of different chords and things get tangled up here.

Now I know that this provides extra stability to the table, but for someone who travels, a lot of this could be a little bit of a problem unless you know how to actually untangle everything. So let’s figure it out. All right, so this one actually this opens up pretty easily here. Last your head peeps. Oh, I’ve got this with down. There you go. All right, so guys, this is the underneath the guts, so to speak of the table. These are obviously some sort of stability wires, stability cables to make sure that the table stays nice and stable. All right guys, let’s talk about the legs of this table right here. Now these are aluminum grade legs. They are anywhere telescoping from 18 to 28 inches tall. So being a 6’4″ doctor, myself, I love when a table is actually elevated, not bending over all day, working on my patients.

Now the way it actually moves up and down the legs. It’s actually pretty simple. There are these little push button things here and you just simply move them up and down based upon the height that you want. So you just can count one, two, three, four in and you come over the same thing on the side, one, two, three, four and so you just move it up for each of your legs. Very simple design, very easy to use. Like I said, the table is extremely light. This is 22 a pound table and even tell just right off the bat and this thing is super stable. This table is 20 inches wide and it’s 70 inches long. Now that’s just under six feet of light. This is a very, very stable table getting on. I feel really good laying here. All right, so let’s quickly talk about these headrests.

I didn’t know what I would feel about using those headrests because normally I just have the one that has like the two little lines of death in this one. As you can tell, has it been a curvature here and here and it’s actually for the patient. It feels really, really comfortable. Actually. It’s like the way your face was actually designed to go in. You don’t feel like you’re squished into like a hot dog bun, so I don’t know who designed this part. A good job also to know which I really liked it from a practitioner’s point of view is if I’m up here doing certain, we’ll work on a patient, I can simply head rest down. It’s simply gone just like that. Now I have a lot more access and freedom to the patient’s cervical area. Hey guys, the quick other little notes about these, the face pads here in this whole head set up design.

First off, I already talked about how I liked the ability for this to drop away, but one small little design flaw, something that you have to keep in mind when you’re caring for your patients is to make sure that that when they get to get up and they don’t use this to press on because the connection between the actual head rest here and the body of the table is only held together by this simple screw. And I could easily see a patient pushing on this and breaking this as well. So make sure that when you’re using your patients, you have them come up and support their neck as they sit up. You know, this is a really great design and the fact that it can still drop away and what have you, but just be careful when you use this area. I gotta tell you guys this table feel ultra, ultra stable and it feels comfortable.

This portion here measures have one inch of density foam. It literally feels just as thick as my normal tables that I would use here in my practice. Now one more thing about the legs before we move on to something else. You know a lot of times when you are having multiple people use your table, you have associates or someone else, like a therapist now wants to use the table as it can be a real pain in the butt to try to “jimmy rig” the legs up and down, especially if they don’t have a very good system and you have to like pull on each of them and then try to re level it out. With this one, it literally is nothing more than just a push of one button. Watch this. So to make it taller, all I have to do is press it and lift it up.

It’s done. It’s simple as that.

Or to make it smaller, I press the button and it simply drops right back into place. Literally takes one second per lag to do them. That’s just awesome.

All right, so this is an unboxing reveal of the brand new ChiroLux plus table.

Couple of things to recap. First off, it’s incredibly portable. Just over 22 pounds comes with this cool backpack strap included.

Also has a carrying handle as well. Very thick, comfy case. It’s not going to get beat up or torn. The actual table itself is incredibly stable. I’m telling you, I don’t feel like I can rock on this thing. That’s one of those thing I was surfing on this thing. If you know, whatever I want to do, this thing feels really stable inside.

Their manual guide says that it can hold up to 450 pounds, so even some of our biggest patients can easily get on this table.

The third thing that I really liked is the ability to make the table higher or shorter if need be. Like I said, I’m a tall practitioner and there’s nothing worse than working all day in an athletic event having to bend over, so incredibly low to care for. So the ability to have a table that’s upright, a little bit taller. Major, two thumbs up.

All right, can we put this thing to work? Please let me know what questions that you have about the brand new room Lux table, and I’ll be sure to help out!

To Learn More About ChiroLux and their tables go to: www.ChiroLuxTables.com