Chiropractic Lessons From the Green Entrepreneur

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In a world filled with question marks about “what and where is the brand of Chiropractic headed into the future” one industry in particular has revolutionized the thinking of millions around the world. Once looked down upon as “pot heads or drifters” the cannabis industry has catapulted into a billion dollar a year empire and changed the way we look at this magical green plant.

This past weekend I was traveling to San Diego and stumbled upon a magazine, Green Entrepreneur, and began to notice how this industry has been able to completely change the social stigma that surrounds it and has created a industry set to make billions of dollars in 2019.

In today’s podcast I layout who, what, and how this industry is changing the social stigma to the current generation and generations to come!

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

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Hey everyone coming to you live from San Diego International Airport. Doesn’t that sound like an interesting place to be right now? Well I think I’ve got something for you today that is going to change your perspective on the way that patients view your practice. And that’s really cool. So let’s just dive in. All right, first off, I just want to say thank you to all of you listeners that are out there right now. You know not a week goes by where I don’t get at least one email or a Facebook message or Insta DM where people are telling me, hey, thank you both for for recording this one particular episode or sharing something that’s kind of on your heart. And I gotta tell you as a content creator, so many times we are out there creating content videos, podcasts, blog posts, and we put it out there, we email our list and then we hear nothing back.

And to be honest with you, sometimes I think, man, did that just not hit, did that not go to the right place? Was that written poorly? And then I’ll go to a conference and people will say, Oh, I love the article or the podcast. And I’m like, then why aren’t you telling me? Or why aren’t you responding or posting or using some of that. And they say we are, but you just don’t hear about it. So I just want to let you guys know for every year at right now listening, thank you so much for listening and taking to heart what I say. And one of the things that people always say is both, thank you for keeping this short and sweet and like everything. If you guys know me, I am like directed to the point and that is the way I want this podcast to be as well.

So anyway, right now, like I said, I’m in San Diego International Airport, I had a great weekend down here. I’m a, I’m getting ready to launch a new business, which I’ll be telling you guys about shortly. And I think it’s something that is going to change and revolutionize the way that chiropractic is marketed out into the world. The universe, your town, your city, et Cetera, can’t tell you quite yet at all about it. But anyway, as I was walking through and I’m sitting here waiting, I have about a two hour layover before I get to finally head home. I was, you know, walking around as everyone does and looking at kind of the different newspapers stands and magazine stands, et Cetera. And I happened to pick up a magazine called the Green Entrepreneur. Now let me tell you, first off, I love I used to be a subscriber to their magazine.

I read it all the time. I loved it, but I had never ever had seen the green entrepreneur. And excuse me if you know what the green entrepreneur is, I’ll tell you, it’s all about the cannabis industry and how people are branding and coming out with new products and new services and everything, quote unquote green. And the reason that I wanted to bring this up today to you isn’t because you know, I’m a huge cannabis user and I smoked marijuana and all of that. Even though I do live in the state of California where I would say that a large majority of my patients are using cannabis in one form or the other. But the reason I want to talk about it today is because what they have done in that industry to completely shift and change the mindset of the social stigma of cannabis is something that we as chiropractors need to sit up, sit up and take note about.

Now let me kind of tell you a little bit about why I’m talking about this. If I would’ve done a podcast 10 or 15 years ago or a radio show or a video talking about the benefits of marijuana and cannabis, people would have literally laughed me off the stage. They would have said, man, you’re a pothead. You’re a gateway drug user, you’re helping other people become high, you’re helping them, you know, down the stumbling block of drug addiction. And it would have been all bad. And I think you guys probably would have all agreed with that, right? We’ll look what’s happened in just the recent few years. You know, people are now talking more about cannabis than ever before. This whole world of CBD is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And when you look at a website or pick up a magazine like green entrepreneur, you are seeing that this industry is not a bunch of potheads sitting around trying to you know, roll a joint and smoke a bowl to try to get high.

No, this is an actual huge billion dollar legitimate business industry that in my opinion has completely changed the social stigma of what people’s perception of marijuana and cannabis is really all about. You know, as I was flipping through this magazine, I’ll tell you what, I was super impressed by the advertisements that I saw. By the way the articles were written, they have changed from being kind of like this back alley. People are growing this in their garages or you know, their closet. So to speak, to a very upfront industry where people are now trying to sit up and take note of really what’s going on here. And the thing that is so interesting to me is the way that they are now branding cannabis. And this is why I think it’s important for chiropractic. See there’s a lot of people, and this goes for kind of in the industry as well, where they’re not necessarily talking about the cannabis, meaning they’re not talking about the actual product.

What they’re talking about is the outcome or the experiences that you are going to realize once you use that product. Now, before you kind of sit up and say, well what’s that all about? Let me, let me kind of take it from a different angle that’ll probably make more sense to you right now. When you sit at home and watch TV and a pharmaceutical industry, uh, advertisement comes on, you’re seeing nothing about the drug, zero about the drug. What are you seeing? You are seeing people who were like depressed or have heart issue or Penn or neuropathy or pain and because of them taking this drug or having this surgery now they are able to experience more life. The ability to play with their grandkids, the ability to sleep or the ability to have a pain free day or to move and they’re happy and they’re jumping up and down, et cetera.

Right? Yeah, and that’s something that we point a finger at and say how dare those damn pharmaceutical companies do that. You know, don’t you talk about the side effects but they talk about it really fast. You know it’s like within like seven seconds they get some guy to speed read it at the end of the the commercial. But my point of that is this is that the pharmaceutical company is not selling pharmaceuticals. What the pharmaceutical company is selling is an experience. The same thing is happening in the cannabis industry. Yes they are selling cannabis. Yes they are selling marijuana, THC, CBD, but really what they are selling is an experience. Now let that kind of sink in and hit home for a second. They’re not talking about THC levels or how to, you know deflower a plant or hanging dry tea. Of course there’s people that talk about all of that.

But for the general public that is a non mover, it’s a nonessential. What they want is the experience on the back end. So really what cannabis is, what the pharmaceutical company is, what they’re saying is, is that their drug, their surgery, their cannabis, their marijuana is literally a catalyst to what you want. Think about that again, what they’re selling is a catalyst to health, to wellness, to life, to pain, free to experience right now. How can we take that for ourselves and apply that to Chiropractic? Now, I don’t know about you, but so many times I will go into a chiropractor’s office and there’s like a mural of BJ Palmer sitting there and all they talk about if subluxation subluxation, subluxation, subluxation, which is great, but they never ever talk about the outcome and that is what the patients want to know about. They want to know, will I be able to go and play with my kids again?

Will I be able to go and play Friday night basketball with my buddies? Will I be able to, you know, go and go to the gym or go to work out or have a pain free day or be able to sleep through the night with not being in pain or be able to roll over. But it’s all the exact same things that the pharmaceutical companies and the cannabis companies are talking about. But the difference is, is that our catalyst is different. Guys, I hope this is really hitting to you guys because this is the key for us as a profession to scale. All we have to do is say, look, here’s what they’re doing. We can copy it, exactly, copy it, but just say, hey, look, the catalyst is different. You’re want to use drugs, surgeries that have huge side effects. We want to give you a new opportunity.

We want to give you a, uh, an opportunity to have all of those things. But without any of the side effects at a lower cost, faster, better and longer lasting. So you guys, that’s what people are paying attention to. In a world of social media, in a world where headlines literally ruled the day when a new cycle is literally 24 hours, you always have to be on top of mind of a person and they don’t have the time to dig in and really read the details. It’s the same reason why this whole vaccination thing is so out of control in California. It’s not because you know, people are stopping and saying whole, let’s wait a second here and let’s really dig down deep and learn about all these crazy side effects that vaccinations are causing. No, they’re reading headlines, measles outbreak, they’re reading headlines, a cervical cancer on the rise.

They’re reading all these crazy headlines and they’re looking for a solution that can take care of that. Now, not to say that are, you know, vacs people are not doing an amazing job as far as bringing up all of that, but what they’re, what you have to understand is that people are looking for a fix to their symptoms and they want an outcome that suits their lifestyle. And if we are chiropractors are just sitting here talking and fighting amongst ourselves about subluxation all day long and just promoting that and pushing that out into the world and not talking about the things that our patients actually care about. Guess what? Your practices are going to be empty. People are not going to be coming into you saying, Hey, I’m here for a subluxation check. Come on. If you’re a practicing doctor, you know that that is like a one in a 1000 type of of scenario, right?

People have real problems and they’re coming in looking for real solutions and us as doctors need to give them that. Then yes, we absolutely need to talk subluxation. Absolutely need to educate them about spinal health and movement and nutrition and all of the things that fall underneath the umbrella of Chiropractic, but our go to message to the marketplace needs to be, look, we are a catalyst for change of your health. We are a catalyst for you to be healthier, to do x, Y, Z to be able to live our life the way that we want to live. And the way that that happens is by getting a regular chiropractic care. I hope this makes sense to somebody that’s out there right now because I know a lot of times doctors, you guys struggle out there saying, you know, I’m trying to connect with my community and I don’t know what to do or how to say that.

I do spinal screenings, I do all of this other stuff. And I’m saying, guys, you’re just missing the point. It’s not that chiropractic is not perfect in itself because it is. The thing is, is that we as a society have changed and evolved over the past 10 2030 years and have hyper evolved in the last five years. And unless we are speaking to our patient base at the same level that they are, we are going to speak over their heads and they’re going to completely miss it. I’ll leave you with this just because as as we can transition into the next thing, and I know we’re coming up on the our 15 minutes here, is that there was a study done that was looking at the language that was being used in the presidential elections and people thought that, hey, look, I needed to speak at a higher level.

So people would think that they would recognize authority and then a person of authority would speak with more a dictation or higher words or words that were used at a collegiate level. Let me give you guys an understanding here. When President Obama won the election, they did all, they, they checked out all of his manuscripts, all of his speeches, and they determined that his speaking level was at a sixth grade level. Now, isn’t that interesting? You would think that, you know, they would think that a collegiate level or a post doctorate level know a sixth grade level. Now, let me take it one step further. When Donald Trump won the presidency, his speaking level, a fourth grade level, fourth grade guys. So when you’re out communicating chiropractic to your community, to your patients, please try to make it as simple as possible and use chiropractic as the catalyst for change.

I hope this makes sense to somebody that’s out there listening. And I hope, you know, it really struck me when I was, uh, sitting here in like thumbing through some of these magazines thinking, wow, you know, the cannabis industry has completely rebranded itself. It’s very modern, very cutting edge, very next generation. And I so hope that we as the chiropractic industry are doing the same thing. At least that’s what my goal is and everything that I do. And I want you to go into your practice today and use chiropractic as the catalyst for change. And guess what? Chiropractic will be the catalyst of your practice. Have a great one, everyone. I’ll talk to you later. Bye now.