Chiropractic Mainstream: Now or Never?


Chiropractic mainstream, two words you don’t often see used together. Why is that? We’re a profession with thousands of passionate chiropractors who say we are committed to sharing chiropractic with as many people as possible and yet somehow it’s easy to argue we account for little more than a financial rounding error in terms of how much money is spent on chiropractic care versus mainstream medicine. In fact, I’d argue that if there’s something our profession is collectively really good at, it’s keeping the best-kept secret in health care, a secret.

Whether your motivation is to grow your income, to serve more people or to selflessly change the world for the better, the fundamental concept remains that the more people who know about the benefits of chiropractic care, the better.

Soooo, what’s the deal? Why is it that our profession continues to be considered non-traditional, alternative or integrative and not mainstream by most of the general public not to mention politicians, insurance companies and other health care disciplines?

jason-deitch-dc-2Chiropractors have been fighting the fight, going against the grain, thinking like the underdog and reacting like the minority for so long, it feels as if it’s become our professional culture. When in fact, there is evidence everywhere that suggests the mainstream public is more self-aware, more open-minded and more financially incentivized to adopt what we like to call the chiropractic lifestyle then ever before.

Could it be that ‘we’ are now what’s holding ourselves back and not political medicine, big pharma and the profit motivated insurance complex? Revolutions, uprisings, transparency and power shifts are happening around the world because of passionate groups of people uniting together around their cause and consciously making their message go viral through social media. What I consider to be our profession’s number one underutilized and under appreciated asset. Until now…

A growing number of chiropractic institutions, organizations, associations, vendors, supporters, professionals, para-professionals and patients are discovering the power of consciously sharing the chiropractic story through social media everyday in an effort to make our message go viral locally, nationally and worldwide.

Yes, there are chiro-critics and chiro-hypocrites who will give you a long list of reasons why social media isn’t effective ‘marketing’ but the bottom line is If you want to see chiropractic become mainstream defined as ‘the principle or dominant course, tendency or trend’ and want to see a growing stream of new patients come to your office who already want what you have to offer then it’s time to stop wondering why nobody else has made it happen, time to stop blaming the colleges, state and national associations and time to start connecting with the thousands of chiropractors who have turned the corner and are just making it happen.

Chiropractic mainstream, will it be now or never? It is time for more of us to let go of the intra-professional BS that simply serves as a distraction from what’s most important and time to start realizing that the fact is together we can reach millions with our message. And we are.
Ready to move forward and create the public image of our profession as we see it? Ready to learn from and let go of the past and become focused on creating a compelling future? Ready to serve more people, save more lives and make an even greater impact? Then join us and do your part in getting Chiropractic AmpLIFEied worldwide.


Sorry, no more excuses. If it is to be it is up to ‘we.’ You in?
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