photoI remember sitting in my back yard complaining to my wife about the state of chiropractic in California and how so many things just don’t sit with me and that we should start looking at other states to live in. I was in rare form and thought for sure my wife would agree with me until out of nowhere she ask where her inspiring, never negative husband was. As I starred at her like she was crazy she then used my own line on me and said “Are you going to complain about it or be about it?” Then she proceeded to tell me she wasn’t moving!

The penny dropped and I immediately took action. I laid out a 5 year plan to make it on the executive board of California where I truly believed I could make changes (all healing happens from within ) once I was at the table. The good news? It only took me two years. Then just a year in I dropped the news bomb and ran for PRESIDENT. So here we are now and I am knee deep in this thing and WOW what a learning curve. Here is what I’ve learned.

[quote_center]Have a Vision. Have a plan. A vision with no plan is a wish and wished rarely come true. Surround yourself with a team to win. The team that wins starts with an attitude that wins. Cut dead weight. Set boundaries. Draw a line in the sand and know that you can’t please everyone.[/quote_center]

We started with our associations’ CORE VALUES. Set the tone and then those that align with those Core Values can find a seat at the leaders table. Restate the vision. Have a plan.

Matt-Hubbard-Patrick-GentempoHow do you have a plan? Well, first hire the best. We found a 3rd party expert in associations to assess ours and then report back with areas of improvement. Then squeeze every last piece of juice out of that report that aligns with the end goal and your states CORE Values. There is no better way to expedite change then by the a 3rd part expert opinions. Then I rallied the team, our board for buy in. We created a strategic plan. Again consulting with the best. We built value and trust with our new team that then overflowed to the entire board. This was never about division. Never about differences in chiropractic. This was exposing areas that we agree and strengthening chiropractic as an association.

Then we execute. How? Raise the bar. Make everything we strive for different. A new look. A new attitude. The loudest voice wins and I made a decision to talk loud. Change the pace of our board meetings. Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Honored those that have been around a while. Respect their opinions but do not be intimidated. Expect a bully. Don’t move. Be fearless. Sound yourself with anchors. I constantly reached out to mentors. Everyday isn’t bright but the mission must be unwavering.

CCA_Col_stackedRead books. Teach reality to your board but give them solutions that can have hope in. Work your ass off! When your reputation is on the line, complete the mission. If your team isn’t on board make it happen anyway. Have resources. I had my board read books. Change became their idea and I agreed. “The Speed of Trust” S Covey. “Race for Relevance” , “Bootstrap Business”. Books by the experts help change culture.

Bill-DeMoss-Mary-Jane-Matt-HubbardRemember, Change is easy, Thinking about change is hard. Passion can move people to believe again. People want to belong to a movement. The CCA had lost its culture, it wasn’t moving and the direction was fuzzy and we all know fuzzy targets don’t get hit. The CCA now has a clear mission, vision and CORE Values. The team is solid and the direction is clear. We have a long way to go but the culture has started and the movement has begun. I encourage you if you live in California, become a member and get involved. If you live in another state and don’t like your association, then I encourage you to dig deep and listen to my wife, “You can complain about it, or be about it!”

Lets be about change in our political landscape because it is what ultimately makes or breaks chiropractic!


Matt Hubbard is an enthusiast of all things business and health related. As of June 1st 2013 Dr Hubbard  assumed his role as President of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA).  Dr Hubbard was the Secretary of the CCA in 2012-13, and is currently CEO of Hubbard Chiropractic Inc., an online training program called, My Marriage Mastery and C.O.R.E., a site that helps chiropractors come together for personal and professional development. As of March 1st he was also made partner at Legacy Business Solutions, a coaching company committed to the success of chiropractors worldwide.