Chiropractors are Quacks… Or Are They?


Not a day goes by that we don’t get a letter or e-mail from someone calling Chiropractors quacks.  Unfortunately that is far from the truth.

When our team came across this video, we were all shaking our heads in unison as to how true this video is.

*We are not saying that you should not have a medical doctor in on your health care team, but merely that most issues that this lady speaks about in the video can and will be helped faster and more effectively with chiropractic care than traditional allopathic medicine.

Here is the Transcription from the video

Well hello miss johnson how are you feeling today?
I am feeling better thank you doctor pain that’s wonderful missus johnson
and just think you were worried that you might have side effects from the pills I gave you
so I took the pills for a week and got terribly sick. I had to stop taking them after I read the disclaimer. I realize that people have died from taking loans
I see miss johnson so what exactly made you feel better
I went to my brothers chiropractor it turns out that I just had a minor back
problem that was causing all the pain.
oh on miss johnson please tell me you didn’t go to one of those quacks
well yes I did I’ve been coming to you for three months now and my pain hasn’t gotten any better. As a matter of fact it was getting worse
oh miss johnson don’t you know that chiropractors hurt people. I see it every day in my practice.
really?  you actually see it every day?
well I haven’t actually seen it every day.
But have have actually seen it?
No, I have not actually seen it but I heard that they hurt someone when I was in medical school.
I asked my chiropractor how safe the treatment was and he said if chiropractic was dangerous that his malpractice insurance would be as much as yours.
What does malpractice insurance have to do with safety?
Would you agree that insurance premiums are claims based?  meaning that the cost you pay for your malpractice insurance is based on the mistakes and mishaps.
well of course it is.
He pays less than two thousand dollars for a whole year. How much do you pay?
it’s not important how much I pay. can your chiropractor write prescriptions for drugs like I can?
No, he told me that he could treat my pain safely and I probably would not need any more
dangerous or addictive mood-altering drugs.
Miss johnson I’m worried for your safety. Why don’t we just do surgery on your back?
Why would I want to have surgery for minor problem?
Because none of the pills I gave you worked.
But why would I want to have surgery when the chiropractic treatment is working so well?
Because miss johnson I am a medical doctor and that is my professional opinion.
Those chiropractors are quacks, just take my word for it.
okay doctor pain I guess you’re right.
I’m glad to see that you’ve come to your senses now
when would you like to schedule your surgery?
let me think, how about never you moron!  You really think that I would let you cut on me when there is a safer more conservative treatment?
well it certainly didn’t hurt to ask miss johnson.  I’m afraid I’ve done all I can to help you. you refuse my medical suggestions you don’t want to take the pills I gave you
you don’t want surgery I really think you would benefit from seeing a psychiatrist friend of mine. I think you have some issues that need professional help
So let me get this straight you give me dangerous pill that make me sick; then you want me to have surgery for no reason. If I refuse I must be crazy?
That is correct miss johnson. Now if you don’t mind I have another patient that I need to talk into getting surgery before I golf at 130. I just hope she’s more reasonable than you are
Goodbye doctor pain. Just out of curiosity how much is your malpractice every year ?
it’s a tad more than your chiropractor but not much
How much?
I don’t see where that is any of your business miss johnson
how much doctor ?
 I can only tell you that I have to work every year through April to pay it
I was thinking a little over sixty thousand dollars a year
A little,  now good day miss johnson
well if your malpractice is over sixty thousand dollars a year and his is only two thousand dollars a year then which you say is the safest?
Goodday miss johnson
I’m sorry maybe I do need a psychiatrist, because it would seem to me that if your mal practice is 30 times more than his than he is 30 times safer than you
miss I have neither the time nor the patience for this line of questioning. Chiropractors are quacks and they are not safe and that’s that
would you at least agree that since malpractice insurance is 30 times more than his that chiropractic is reasonably safe?
If that’s what it takes to get you to leave me alone. fine chiropractors are reasonably safe. Now good day miss johnson.
so in your professional opinion, who is the bigger quack?
Neither is the bigger quack miss johnson
So with chiropractors are quacks but neither is the bigger quack doesn’t that make you a quack?
Good day miss johnson for real, good day.
good day doctor enjoy your golf game.