This past week has been historical for many reasons within the Chiropractic profession.  We have seen the battle lines clearly drawn in California with the passage of SB 277 which mandates vaccinations for all school aged children, we have witnessed new research showing the ability for the spinal cord to “learn” by itself and we were part of the publishing efforts to shine light on the Billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies have been paying out to doctors in the field to “buy” their opinions.

What we are now coming to learn is that Circle of Docs IS becoming the one place for the Chiropractic Nation.

Take a look at these screenshots from Google Analytics of the past few days activity on the site:

The last 24 hours on Circle of Docs

photo 1

The Last 7 Days



photo 3

The Past Month

photo 2


What Does This All Mean?

With the surge in traffic and increasing numbers of members (almost 5,000 registered doctors) it clearly shows that Circle of Docs is truly becoming the “Go To” resource in the Chiropractic profession.

This has been the VISION for Circle of Docs since inception.

Our vision has been and will continue to reign as being the one place online for everything Chiropractic.

We combine breaking news articles, a robust community that shares and helps one another, and COD provides a platform for the world to discover what Chiropractic is all about.

Doctors; the world around us is changing at neck breaking speeds.  Circle of Docs will be here to alert, fight for and elevate the Chiropractic message for you and the world.

Welcome to the next generation of Chiropractic!