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Chiropractic Podcast

This week Circle of Docs officially launches our podcast! Why a podcast you may ask? We want to give you every opportunity available to help you grow as a practitioner and serve more of your community. The Circle of Docs podcast is about one thing: You!

Since the inception of Circle of Docs and the launch our website just a mere 60 days ago we have been very intentional in every way.  We started with a simple blog, posting one article a day to gain traction with readers. Next we launched a community to allow members to start to communicate with each other.

Last month Circle of Docs was asked to cover a live event at Parker Seminars Las Vegas… We delivered… Heck, we even brought a drone and created a stunning video!

This month we continue with that trend and strive to elevate the the profession more by introducing our podcast.

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Enter the Circle of Docs Podcast.

Our vision for the Circle of Docs podcast is to create a conversational style of content that encourages discussing sensitive issues, celebrating victories and openly defending ourselves from external attacks against Chiropractic. Our mission is to bring you inside the greatest minds in the Chiropractic profession, as well as interviewing influential community members and celebrating their wins in practice and life.

Want to know more?

Here is the introductory podcast outlining the goals, vision and direction of where the Circle of Docs team will be taking this podcast in the future.

How do I Access the Circle of Docs podcast?

It’s convenient and easy.

Once you subscribe to our podcast on Itunes, or Stitcher you will be alerted in your podcast app when a new episode has been uploaded.


Best part, you don’t need to be in front of your computer or tablet to listen. Studies are now showing that over 72% of all podcast consumers are doing so in a non-stationary environment. Our hope is that when you do listen in it will be when you are out on your morning run or multitasking around the office.

The podcast will be hosted by our Founder, Dr. Beau Pierce. He is the person responsible for the inspiration and creation of COD and has spent the greater part of the past four years crafting COD together. Occasionally joining him in studio will be chairman Dr. Gentempo.

One of our tenets in creating this podcast was to ensure that every episode in this podcast will be pure content! Information that you will be able to take back to your practice, community and life to implement immediately.

Circle of Docs prides itself on being the most tech forward company in the Chiropractic profession and we embrace that challenge daily. We strive to cultivate a culture that embodies the Chiropractic lifestyle and share those experiences with you.

All we ask is that you subscribe! Listen in Weekly and leave us comments.

We are here for you!

Now, plug in and lets elevate!