Clinical Study on Manipulative Treatment of Derangement of the Atlantoaxial Joint


Clinical Study on Manipulative Treatment of Derangement of the Atlantoaxial Joint

Zhou W, Jiang W, Li X, Zhang Y, Zhang J, Wu Z

Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology,
China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Beijing, China

The derangement of the atlantoaxial joint is one of main cervical sources of dizziness and headache, which were based on the observation on the anatomy of the upper cervical vertebrae, analysis of X-ray film of the atlantoaxial joint, and the manipulative treatment in 35 patients with cervical spondylosis. The clinical diagnosis of derangement consists of: dizziness, headache, prominence and tenderness on one side of the affected vertebra, deviation of the dens for 1 mm-4 mm on the open-mouth X-ray film, abnormal movement of the atlantoaxial joint on head-rotated open-mouth X-ray film. An accurate and delicate adjustment is the most effective treatment.