COD 012: Mr. Rick Sapio How to Run a Billion Dollar Chiropractic Practice


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Summary: Rick Sapio is the CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc., an investment holding company founded in March 1994. The company’s holdings include investments in financial services companies, medical device technologies, healthcare, and distressed debt/real estate.



BUSINESS FINISHING SCHOOL is a blueprint that efficient, successful companies follow to maximize results.

There is an URGENT problem in the business world: Business leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, and employees are overworked, un-aligned, and not performing to capacity.  BFS was designed to bring everyone onto the same page.  Virtually all companies – big and small – are under achieving their maximum potential.  How many companies and entrepreneurs are willing to admit that they need tools, information, and accountability to achieve meaningful objectives?  What if you could follow a proven blueprint that you can immediately apply in your business?  If you want simplicity, leverage, revenue and profit growth, and peace of mind, then Business Finishing School is what you need.

This proven model will give you tools, strategies, and information on how to run your business more effectively and efficiently.  We will help you identify road blocks that are preventing you and your business from performing at max potential.

In all, there is 4 years of material, with the first year of the program teaching you the 12 Foundation Principles of Business (one each month).



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