COD 015: Dr. Stephen Franson and The Team Driven Practice

Chiropractic Assistant Academy Franson

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Stephen FransonLets be honest; Lots of Chiropractic practices hit the 200-300 patients per week mark. But 1,000? That is a mark that only a select handful of practices can lay claim.
That means you’re doing something really special – and changing a lot of lives as you do it!

Stephen Franson is one of the few DC’s who has cracked that barrier. He’s done it with integrity – his patients rave about the care they get. He’s done it without churning through armies of new patients. (He built it averaging just 10 new patients a week.)

And he’s done it without sacrificing his life – or his family. Stephen has an incredible
marriage, great kids – and still finds time to surf and CrossFit.
So just what *is* his secret?
One word:


Stephen has put together a simple system that gets EVERY member of your team
working together to convert patients – and most importantly – retain patients.

You’ll hear him say;

[quote_center]”Attract to Convert and Convert to Retain”[/quote_center]

When you install his system in your practice, your team will do 90% of the heavy lifting for you.

He’s offering a recorded a short video to show you exactly how this works. As you watch, keep an eye out for his brilliant “push-away” technique – it snaps prospective patients awake in an instant and drives them crazy wanting to start care