COD 023: Dr. Josh Wagner is The Perfect Patient Funnel Master


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Summary;  The way you communicate with your patients may be the best determinant of how successful you will be in practice. Your style of communication  is EVERYTHING when it comes to how a new patient understands what we as Chiropractors do.  But the question Dr. Wagner asks, ” Have we been communicating wrong for some time? Is ‘telling the chiropractic story’ NOT what we should be doing?” If you are looking for ways to increase your patient compliance, change the way you communicate with current and future patients, then you want to check out this podcast.

Email_Sig_2Dr. Josh Wagner owns a very unique and profitable Chiropractic practice in Manhattan, New York and shows DCs how to do similar in The Perfect Patient Funnel System.

He is a highly sought after resource in the profession for new strategies in a changing economic state for chiropractors.

Josh is a master at what he does and what he teaches–including helping doctors discover effective strategies to attract more new people to your office and generate more referrals with far less stress and energy.





Perfect Patient Funnel