COD 030: Dr. Dan Sullivan and The Inspired ChiropracTIC Message


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Summary:  On the Circle of Docs podcast today we sit down with Dr. Dan Sullivan and talk all about Chiropractic and how doctors can start using technology combined with research to elevate their voices within their community.  Dr. Sullivan brings a unique perspective to todays Chiropractic message and is one that every DC worldwide needs to hear.


IMG_7530-207x300Dr. Dan Sullivan is a chiropractor, speaker, author, and one of the most sought after health experts in the United States. He’s well-known for showing chiropractors the profound science and proof behind what they do to give them certainty in communicating to the public.

Dr. Sullivan began investing himself into the world of Chiropractic in 2004. His mission began with building one of the  largest  single-doctor natural healthcare clinics in the state of Nebraska. Dr. Dan expanded his pursuit to the world of  research and  education in 2012, speaking to students, doctors, and the public while serving as an Official Chiropractor for  the United States  Wrestling team during the 2012 London Olympics. 

He currently lives with his wife and daughters in  Atlanta, Georgia, where he  passionately continues to research and speak on the scientific validation of the Principle of  Chiropractic.

 Dr. Sullivan’s passion for health care revolution took root in a childhood shared with seven brothers and sisters, two of  whom have  since become medical doctors. Dr. Dan demanded an understanding of the cause of diseases that entered  homes just like his and a  world that profits from the treatment of symptoms that maintain an endless cycle of sickness.  

His search for truth led him through  Doctoral School in Minnesota and advanced chiropractic training in Naples, Florida before opening his first clinic. 

Witnessing the life changing results with thousands of patients each week inspired Dr. Dan to begin coaching and mentoring Chiropractors and Chiropractic students on the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation and the power of an adjustment. He developed a deep desire to fully understand the very real and negative impact of subluxation on human health. 

Dr. Sullivan’s journey and research produced an undeniable truth: the medical model of health care needed to change. The power of a chiropractic adjustment forms the foundation for reforming a hopeless, drug-stricken pathogenic system into a true health and salutogenic-care model founded in vitalistic principles. Chiropractors must lead this charge!Societal reformation is a natural step of progress.

Health care must evolve through education. Chiropractors must own the current principles and science behind the power of Chiropractic. Society can then be properly infused locally and nationally with the reality that health care need not be sick care!

The truth will lead the way!

Dr. Sullivan’s simple and profound explanation and application will help every doctor deliver the truth to their community. Whether speaking publicly or teaching a new patient, the power of the message ignites with the truth and a vision. This truth has the power to change every clinic in every town. 

Whether struggling or successful, all new or experienced chiropractors are empowered to bring life and hope to each and every community. Chiropractors are the most relevant healthcare provider in every community. It is time the world understands why!

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