COD 035: Billy Sticker is Mr. ChiroCandy


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Summary: Do you ever feel like you have more to say than you can write in a Facebook or Twitter post? Perhaps you are looking for a way to distinguish yourself and your practice from the guy down the street.  Have you ever thought about writing a book?

If this task seems daunting, and for 99% of people it is, then have no worries. Today we sit down with the host of the hot new podcast, ChiroCandy with Billy Sticker, as we talk podcasting, marketing and how to write your very own book.


qPLYYuHxBilly Sticker never set out to become a marketing expert, speaker, or a podcaster, much less an author.  Through a unique turn of events, today he is all of those things.

Billy married his high school sweet heart almost 20 years ago.  Shortly after they married, he started a career in sales.  Wanting to be the best he could be, Billy began reading everything he could on subjects like sales, marketing, leadership, and success.  He didn’t just read these books, he studied them, and put them into practice.

When he and his wife started having children, he decided to write a book on leadership and success principles that he could leave to his children, and one day grandchildren.  For nearly 7 years Billy worked on his book, The ABC’s of a Leader.

In the meantime, Billy had become the director of marketing for a multi-practice chiropractic office.  They immediately started seeing great results using the strategies and marketing efforts Billy brought to the table.  After deciding to document what they were doing, he ended up writing a marketing book for chiropractors.  But this book only took him 3 weeks to complete, start to finish! When he realized how easy it was for him to do this in a short amount of time, he wanted to help other’s do the same.

He now has written 4 books and created a system for helping chiropractors write a book to help marketing their practices.  He also has created a coaching community for chiropractors, C4: ChiroCandy Coaching Community). His podcast, ChiroCandy, is listened to by chiropractors in over 40 countries world wide.


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