COD 039: Dr. Jen Faber is The House Call Practice


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Are you looking for a more high touch, low overhead style of Chiropractic practice? Have you ever heard of a House Call Style of practice?  Today on the COD podcast we sit down with Dr. Jen Faber as she tells us how she went from a overworked high volume clinic to a house call style of practice and doubled her net income.  All the while having a practice where she only works 20 hours a week and visibly less stress.



4HpCmFX8Dr. Jen Faber is a House Call Entrepreneur and Mentor and is on a mission to teach chiropractors a new freedom to build their practice with house calls. She’s the author of “House Calls are Back” and host of the podcast – House Call Revolution.

Dr. Jen left convention years ago to escape the burnout and stress of a high volume practice. She was done feeling trapped by the typical path to building a practice, so she broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure practice with house calls that gave her more time, less stress, and the freedom she craved.

After seven years of building the right systems and being sought-out for advice, Dr. Jen now shows chiropractors on how to build their own successful house call practice.



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