COD 042: Dr. Jeffrey Langmaid is The Evidence Based Chiropractor


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Dr. Jeff Langmaid is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and chiropractor. He is the founder of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, the leading marketing system based on communication and research. He has also authored the #1 Amazon book in Chiropractic titled, “Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors”. A thought-leader regarding interdisciplinary communication, practice, and marketing; he has been heralded as one of chiropractic’s new innovators. He has been featured on Yahoo Health, Prevention, and by CBS News. You can find him where chiropractic care, creative design, and Healthcare 2.0 meet. To get weekly chiropractic research updates and tips to build your practice join his free weekly newsletter.

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  2. Book: Marketing Chiropractic to Medical Doctors
  3. The EBC Podcast: Research, Relationships & Referrals