Craigslist for Chiropractors…. A Classifieds Forum for Chiropractors

Classifieds for Chiropractic

How many times a day do you go into your office and look at that old dilapidated piece of equipment and think to yourself, “I really need to get rid of that thing, but I don’t know where to start?” I wonder if there is a place online that I can post this for sale?

Or how about this scenario? I think I want a change of location, but don’t know where is the best place to list my practice. “I would love to move to Fiji and open practice. But I have to first sell my practice here and then find one to buy.”

We got your answer! Circle of Docs Marketplace!

Now, before you think to yourself, I have tried Craigslist with no luck, spent money on ad space in some trade journals, and even toyed with the idea of spending thousands of dollars with a listing agency and still no buyers, let me tell you there is a better solution.

Chiropractic Craiglist ClassifiedsCircle of Docs Marketplace.

Here is what you need to know:

First off, we are a different platform. Circle of Docs is completely digital. We are not bound to some publisher’s typeset and word limits. We too think that your practice deserves more than 40 words in size five font on the 19th page.  Best part, since we are digital we encourage you to go into as much detail as you desire. You will have your own dedicated space to write full length descriptions, give a history timeline your practice, post pictures of equipment, videos, maps and even legal documents surrounding your practice.

The “Marketplace” consists of three different sections

1. Classifieds– This is where you can post equipment for sale or trade.  You can post a FS (for sale) or WTB (want to buy) advertisements.  This would be the place to list that piece of equipment you want to sell.

2. Practices for Sale- This is the area for you to post your practice for sale.  Upload as much content about your practice as you want.  The more you upload, the better chance you will have of finding a buyer.

3. Job Finder– Have an associateship you are looking to fill?  Looking for your next great job?  Check out this area and find the job of your dream.

[quote_center]It’s completely FREE to list.[/quote_center]

No more having to pay thousands of dollars for some agency with lack luster results to try and list your practice for you.  Just log in to your Circle of Docs account and you are more than half way done!

Buying and selling Chiropractic products and practices has never been so easy!

Now, it’s your turn!  Go, find that piece of equipment and post it up for sale!

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