Are you running a cash practice and think that you do not need to worry about chiropractic documentation?  Have you wondered “do I need to document patient visits if they pay cash?” Well, you do!  ChiroTouch created their EasyTouch macros with high-volume, cash practices in mind.

This macros set was developed with high volume, cash practices in mind.  They were created to help reduce the stress and time associated with creating complete chiropractic notes.  EasyTouch allows you to accomplish simple and quick documentation during your patient evaluations.

Manila file folders stacked on a desk.

ChiroTouch’s EasyTouch macros are also used in conjunction with the popular patient intake tool.   The intake tool allows you to import your patient’s intake responses into the subjective portion of your note.  Imagine how quickly you could complete your notes using these two tools?

This macro set also meets the minimum legal requirements for your SOAP note required by most state licensing boards.  However, even if insurance isn’t involved, Providers are still required to document all patient visits, findings, evaluation on the patient’s progress, and work performed during the encounter.  ChiroTouch wanted to help simplify that process with their EasyTouch macros!


  • Complete the patient intake, exam, assessment, and treatment plan within minutes.
  • Execute daily encounter notes in under 15 seconds – and even faster during follow-up visits!
  • Easily complete complex notes on your iPad.
  • Accomplish simple, quick documentation.

Don’t believe you can complete a note in just 15 seconds?

And see our EasyTouch macros in action!