This month Circle of Docs features an athlete that is no stranger to the Chiropractic scene. Mr. Tim Feuling is a IFBB Pro Mens Physique Professional Bodybuilder.   What started as a hobby has now blossomed into a career and a profession that he loves.

The COD team had the opportunity to sit down with Tim and learn a little more about him and how he got his start into competition and Chiropractic.

Q; When did you start training your body and thinking that perhaps this is something that you might want to do in the future?

IMG_6517A; I found the inside of a gym in my freshman year of high school at the age of 14. I was never out of the gym for more than 6-12 months at a time since then.

As a youth you start putting some muscle on and you gain confidence. You start to feel like a man. I liked that. By the time I was 19, I had put on some pretty good size and was very consistent in the gym. I started training at a gym where a pro body builder worked out at (Worlds Gym) and once I saw him, I knew I wanted to compete in bodybuilding one day.

At this point in my life I was still far more into partying and being a college-aged kid. Looking back at it now. I just didn’t have the necessary maturity or discipline to do what it takes to compete.

Q: When did things changes for you? When did you decide to go into competition?

Fast forward 23 years later: I went through college, marriage, kids, career and then divorce and somehow through that all I rediscovered my desire to compete.

Call it divorce therapy or whatever you want, but at the end of the day, I was incredibly motivated to reach goals in the competitive world of bodybuilding and the action steps I followed to do so were very therapeutic in helping me move forward in my life.

Q: What role has Chiropractic played in your training and keeping you in shape? 

As I was training as intensely as you must do to be able to compete in bodybuilding, I found I couldn’t do so without frequent Chiropractic care. The adjustments and trigger point work I received from Dr. Mark Mashike in Carmel Valley (San Diego) California were paramount to me continuing to move forward each week to get stronger and deal with the injuries I had experienced early in my training.

Dr. Mark has cared for and continues to care for many professional and amateur athletes in UFC, bodybuilding and other competitive sports. I sought care from Dr. Mashike as I battled through the amateur levels of bodybuilding to earn my Pro-Card to compete at a professional level which I attained in August 2014. Because of the distance I had to drive, I wasn’t able to get in as often as I wanted to but when I did I had far better training weeks.

Adjusting-Hands_fsThen I was divinely reintroduced (at a Starbucks) to a great friend from the past, Dr. David Shores in Encinitas California where I live. I used to go to Dr Shores when I first moved to San Diego. At this point, I was incredibly disabled in my training capacity and was completely frustrated with my injuries plaguing me and halting my ability to lift as heavy and consistently as I needed to in order to compete at the professional level. Dr. Shores not only got me back to where I was when I started pre-injuries but he helped my nervous system and musculature/spinal health so much so that I was hitting new personal bests every week. I continue to see Dr Shores as often as I can as I pursue my mission and goal to be on the 2016 Mr Olympia stage for Professional Mens Physique. I would never be able to do this without chiropractic care. Most every competitor I know sees a chiropractor.

As I mentioned, Chiropractic was paramount in me grinding through sub scapular, scapular and low back injuries I experienced in my professional training. Of course the fact that your nervous system is so depressed from the tremendous amount of stress you incur in this type of training can’t be overlooked. Chiropractic helps restore that nervous function and keep you on top of your game (as well as the right meal plan, supplements, water intake and training routine).

Q: So, would you say that Chiropractic care has been a integral part of your training and recovery protocol? 

If it weren’t for chiropractic I would have had to stop competing. I honestly don’t know how any professional athlete that pushes the envelope of training like most of us do day in and day out, could ever progress forward in their pursuit of championships without a chiropractor as their most valued teammates. Your trainer and your chiropractor are the 2 most important teammates in the sport other than your personal support network (spouse, partner, etc.) who puts up with you living this crazy disciplined lifestyle.

As far as frequency of my chiropractic care. I typically get into my chiropractor a few times a week. I train with weights 6 days a week throughout my offseason and in my competitive season that often goes to 7 days. I need the consistency of my chiropractic care to sustain my health and energy levels and to battle the bodily stress incurred. Minimum I get in for care is once a week if my schedule is super tight.

FullSizeRender-3The greatest benefits of chiropractic for me in my particular place in life would be firing up my nervous system. Taking a close second is injury prevention/maintenance in my situation. But my nervous system gets very depressed as I mentioned earlier. The stress of the training sessions, supplements, emotional component, long days, muscular discomfort, diet, etc. all play into the depression of my system. Dr. Shores has been miraculous in his work to restore my nervous function and maintain that function to a level that allows me to carry on loads of stress that most people will never endure in life. Sometimes I will walk in and say “get ready buddy, I’m a train wreck today!”

Being a single dad to 3 amazing kids who I have 50% of the time, holding a full-time career, dealing with emotional stresses of divorce and all the other things that get thrown at you daily and training at the intensity that I do creates some pretty serious stress on the body. I would be lost without chiropractic in my life.

Q: What do you say to others who may not being currently seeing a Chiropractor or are considering adding it to their training regimen?

If someone showed interest or asked questions about chiropractic, I would have to tell them that the only way to truly appreciate and value chiropractic is to learn about why and how this profession helps people live better lives in every area of life. I would encourage them to take the bold step of finding a chiropractor who is recommended to them by a close friend or family member and to follow through with a first visit to get an examination and education. At the least, find a book like mine, Chiropractic Works! Adjusting to a Higher Quality of Life, and learn more about chiropractic and what it has to offer mankind. If the person was an amateur or professional athlete I would tell them they will never reach the levels they hope to reach without a chiropractor on their team![quote_center] A professional athlete without a chiropractor is like a Keurig cofeemaker without the coffee pod. You just won’t reach the goal in hand without both.[/quote_center]

Q; Thank you Tim for your time and being such a strong ambassador for Chiropractic.  We also understand you have business that helps doctors with their malpractice insurance? 

Yes, you are correct.  Along with training full time, I also am the Managing Director of one of the largest malpractice programs in the country, CBS Malpractice and has insured/defended chiropractors for the last 17 years. As a risk management expert and author of 5 chiropractic books including best-selling Chiropractic Works! Adjusting to a Higher Quality of Life, I have a deep commitment to partner with Chiropractors and help them save money, have the best coverage and learn the simple ways to avoid claims and complaints.

If interested in learning more about Tim Feuling both in the gym and what he can do to help you with your malpractice insurance he can be reached at or 1-858-750-9176