Day 5 of The Chiropractic Christmas with Peter Drubin


It’s Day 5 of the Chiropractic Christmas and today will not disappoint!

0024willoart [1024x768]For your gift today, we reached out to social media strategist Peter Drubin from Social4Chiros and asked if he was interested in helping out.

Disclaimer: To be 100% transparent, we were thinking that Peter would respond back and say “Yes” and send us some sort of PDF or video….  but we were dead wrong!

He emailed us back and said, “Why don’t we create a FREE custom made Facebook cover photo for every Circle of Docs member?”

We emailed Peter back and said, “Are you crazy!”

He said, “Yes, let’s do this!”

Ok, docs here you go!

To get your FREE, CUSTOM MADE FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO for your office, with your details, etc all you have to do is e-mail Peter or comment below this post. This offer will stand until December 25th 2015

Now, before you start giving high fives to your colleagues, please understand… there are almost 8,000 doctors who use COD on a daily basis…. so please be patient with him as he will be flooded with requests.

His email is:

To give you an example of some work, check out this Facebook cover… but yours will have all your office details…again, this is totally free for you!


The team at COD wants to say thank you again to Peter and his team over at Social 4 Chiros for this extraordinary gift!

If you are interested in having someone take over your Facebook page by posting engaging daily content that your current and future patients will love then we urge you to check out Social 4 Chiros.  This is a great service and at the price of $19 bucks a month what are you waiting for?