Discover The #1 Reason Why MeyerDC Is Leading The Charge To Supply Chiropractors With All Their Practice Needs


As a chiropractor, you know firsthand the positive effect your work has on your patients and our world. So do we.

MeyerDC™ is a family-owned American supplier of chiropractic products. Since being founded in 1948, they have supported DCs large and small, new and well established. More than a leading chiropractic supplier, they are a true advocate for the more holistic approach to health and wellness that DCs practice, because they know your work helps patients to live more balanced, active lives.

Meyer DistributionThey have dedicated their work to supplying you with the largest selection of chiropractic products and equipment, fastest shipping, benefits of exclusive vendor relationships, and the most helpful and knowledgeable customer service in the industry. All at your fingertips. There’s a reason MeyerDC™ is the official distributor for Circle of Docs—because their business is perfectly aligned with yours.

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