Written by Dr. Alex Vidan

There’s a lot of talk about getting chiropractic to the masses.  That if they knew what we knew they would do what we do.  The problem of getting the public to “get” chiropractic has been a challenge for most of us since the beginning of our profession. When you look at our profession and see the chiropractors with the most successful practices you’ll see that they are all excellent communicators.

Personally, I’ve been communicating chiropractic for over 10 years.  I’ve communicated chiropractic with pro athletes as a team doctor for the St Louis Cardinals, on the news over 150 times, and have spoken to countless groups about chiropractic, and I’m always open to learn a better way to communicate chiropractic.  I found that better way at Dr. Brad Glowaki’s Art of the Close.

The Art of the Close (AOC) is not another marketing seminar.  It’s a communication training that positions you as an expert to educate patients and drive them into your practice through various methods including golden ideas such as “10 minute” talks.

It’s incredibly liberating to walk into a room, speak for 10 minutes and walk out with more pre-paid new patients than you used to get from putting in ten times the amount of time and energy.  I realize that most doctors would look at the idea of a 10 minute talk and think, “What can you possibly say in 10 minutes to get people under care in your office?”

That’s what you’ll learn at AOC, and that’s just one of the many things taught. Check out this short message from Dr. Glowaki about how you can use the Art of the Close to benefit your practice.

Once you go to AOC and learn the techniques taught by Dr. Glowaki you’ll know how to ethically take the public from Awareness to Action—to stop talking about getting chiropractic to the masses and start doing it.  The information that you will learn at Art of the Close lasts a lifetime and is an absolute GAME CHANGER!

At these intimate seminar (50 docs max) we discuss proper etiquette for public speaking and presenting. We will also show you how to create so much sincerity with urgency that you can move ANY AUDIENCE out of Awareness and into ACTION! You will leave with the skills to create new patients at every talk and lecture. There will be scripting, role playing, a follow up webinar for questions you think of on the flight home! When you end the seminar you will receive a “jump drive” FULL of info & materials you can take home and be Ready to close for action on Monday. However, most of all you will finish talks with New Patients! You will finish STRONG!

  • More people in your health talks both in-house and in business; from Awareness to Action!
  • Uncover “The Funked up 5”: 5 Mistakes Chiro’s routinely do in a talk that will “funk up” your results
  • Learn different closes for different environments: close with cash, close using a charity, “the wrap around” close, use the “self close”
  • Utilize pre-frame close on contradictions, the Socratic set-up
  • Learn the important skills of delivery effective Lunch and Learn talks (the backbone to every talk!)
  • Discover how a speaker’s body posture affects the mood of your crowd

***We will also teach some secrets out of “the Vault” for MASSIVE impact on a short amount of time: The 10-Minute talks! This inverse rule allows you to book more events because you require LESS time.

Once you master this new style you might not want to do another HOUR-LONG talk, ever again! (Docs are averaging 12+ new patients per 10 min talk)

Here are some testimonials from the last Art of the Close class


To learn more about how you can master the Art of the Close visit NewPatientMaven.com

If you are an alumni of one of Dr. Glowaki’s Art of the Close classes, we want to hear from you.  Was the class worth it? How has it impacted your practice and your community?  Comment below and share your story.