Dr. Beau Pierce is a Featured Speaker at Parker Seminars XR 2021


With Parker Seminars Las Vegas not being able to be held in person this year, like the years past, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Parker University decided to pivot and take their seminar “virtual”.

This year’s theme is: Be the Storm.

Filmed in a new ‘traditional’ setting, each speaker has traveled to Parker’s specially designed studio to pre-record their lectures to give you the best experience possible.

“When I, (Dr. Beau Pierce) went to Parker to film my presentation, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was that Parker has gone “all in” on their production level and quality. Many of us have become accustomed to filming from the comfort of our own homes and offices, using Zoom. It was great to be back on stage (even though it was in a closed setting) and to be able to feel like you were speaking to an actual audience, and not into your web camera.”

This year’s theme surrounds the idea that in life, storms are inevitable. It is up to each of us to individually overcome, become stronger, and grow from these storms. In the current state of our world, it is up to us as professionals to be leaders in our industry and lives.

At Parker Seminars XR 2021 we will come together, perfect our skills, support each other, and “Be the Storm” that provides a new landscape to healthcare.

  • NETWORK- Interact with other attendees during the presentations through our attendee chatbox.
  • LEARN- Learn from top speakers in the field. Leave with more than enough understanding of techniques, principles, and business acumen.
  • CHANGE- With learning new ideas and ways of thinking comes growth—growth that you can take back to the office and apply yourself, or pass along to your associates.
  • EARN- Earn your continuing education hours! Chiropractors can earn up to 17 Live Online CE hours* + access to 8 hours of online CE*

Description of Dr. Beau Pierce’s Lecture

This 1-hour presentation, on Saturday morning, will cover the hidden business secrets from the most successful chiropractic businesses and practices from around the world. 

This course will be presented in a PowerPoint/workshop format and give actionable workshop-style steps to implement in a practice immediately.   

Learning Objectives

Understand, reveal, and unpack the hidden business principles utilized by successful business and chiropractic practices.

Understand and demonstrate the secrets in chiropractic practice that helps doctors earn more income, serve more patients, and catapult the brand of chiropractic in the local community.

Join me, and other industry experts and thought leaders, in this highly engaging, thought-provoking digital event.

Learn, network, and have live Q & A’s with world renowned industry leaders.