Finally, A Credit Card Processing System Built Just For Chiropractors


When Fortis Payment Systems entered the Chiropractic space they knew they needed to differentiate themselves in two major ways. The first was having the absolute best product on the market and the second was to have the most transparent and fair pricing.

The Fortis mission was to do better than provide standard credit card machines like other companies, and built a chiropractic proprietary system. The goal was to provide a system that helped offices to run credit card payments easier,  and made collecting single, and recurring care-plan payments more efficiently, while increasing credit card collections. Fortis sought the guidance of some of the best Chiropractors in the country including Jonathan’s brother, Dr. Matthew McAlees, to customize the system. In doing so, Fortis built a very user-friendly system that offers features such as securely storing credit cards on file, so patients can pay for chiropractic care, or products without ever needing to bring their wallet into the office.

Better Starts Here

Fortis makes care-plans simple for the staff to set up.   Additionally at the request of existing Fortis system users, enhancements have been implemented so the office staff can easily move a patients’ payment date, skip recurring payments, and defer recurring payments.  Most recently Fortis offers automatically send email invoices to patients to collect payments when recurring payments decline. These and many more of the system features are designed specifically for Chiropractors.   Fortis has recognized that the chiropractic office business model is unlike anything else, and therefore the product needed to be customized to streamline the credit card billing process.

What-to-look-for-in-Credit-Card-Processing-ReviewsFortis Payments increases collections for chiropractic offices, and allows the front desk run more efficiently. When doctors know payments are getting collected, they can then focus on adjusting, and give better care to patients.

In a constant effort to propel the chiropractic profession forward, Fortis strived to also eliminate the confusing mystery of credit card processing rates.   Business in general often don’t understand what they are paying when they get their credit card statement in the mail each month. Fortis has fixed all that with a program that is clear easy to understand.

The first way to make credit card processing rates easy to understand is to remove all profit (margin) from the credit card processing rates by giving away the processing at the Fortis wholesale price with $0 profit / margin.

What is Wholesale Pricing?

Wholesale pricing is Fortis’ actual cost to run that particular transaction. This means there is 0 profit margin for Fortis in the transaction(s).

Every time you swipe a card Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover charge a percentage fee to the merchant (you). Just like when you go to the gas station or grocery store and use your “rewards card” to get your points, the gas station or grocery store is paying for your rewards points. The same is happening when your patients come in and use their credit card in your office.

fortis-payment-systems-logoMost companies mark up each transaction with per item fees (15-50 cents per transaction), an unknown percentage markup and many other junk fees. The problem is you have no idea what you are really paying!

Fortis is giving you the processing at the lowest possible cost with NO PROFIT MARGIN ON EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION. No matter if the transaction is from a stored card or a recurring transaction!

Many people ask:  “How does Fortis make money then if they aren’t making any profit on the processing?”  Fortis Membership is a flat monthly fee based on volume that you pay Fortis to take advantage of the Fortis wholesale rates.

Fortis Membership

Fortis WANTS your business to be successful. Fortis WANTS your office to be able to run as many stored card or recurring transactions, without feeling like you are being punished or afraid what “rate” you may actually be charged.

The Fortis Membership allows you to take advantage of wholesale pricing on your credit card processing, 24/7 Fortis support, our full system of stored cards, recurring payments and its features, integration into ChiroTouch, Genesis/ Billing Precision & Platinum with auto-posting and much more! Even if you don’t use one of those patient management systems, you can still use Fortis’ “stand alone” system.

What about pay as you go type offices?

Fortis has not forgotten about you either. Some offices are more tradition in the way they take payments. These offices swipe most of their transactions and have no need for stored card or recurring transactions. Fortis has two great options for you.

First you can swipe on our online system and still have your payments auto-post ChiroTouch, Genesis, Platinum or our Stand Alone System. This also allows you to email receipts and run reports on your transactions. For those that want a traditional terminal, we have great options for you as well. The great thing with Fortis is we don’t offer any leases, we re-program your existing equipment or sell it to you at our wholesale cost.

Chiropractors now know exactly what they are paying Fortis, and what they are getting in return.

No rate haggling or price shopping necessary. Chiropractors can focus on running their office, and process with Fortis for a flat monthly fee and know EXACTLY what they are paying.

Fortis has built the best chiropractic credit card system, and priced it as fair and transparently as possible.

To learn more about the Fortis Membership and how it can increase your collections & makes your office more efficient, CLICK HERE.