Garrett Gunderson Joins the Circle of Docs Team of Monthly Contributors


Circle of Docs is excited to welcome Garrett Gunderson to our expert team of monthly contributors.  Garrett’s on purpose philosophy about financial planning blends well with the chiropractic philosophy of above down inside out.

A passionate entrepreneur, Garrett B. Gunderson has dedicated his life to empowering others by the same economic principles that have blessed his life.

Freedom FastTrack is a direct result of this desire to see others live wealthy by aligning with  the economic principles to freedom that the rest of the financial industry does it’s best to keep outside the reach of most people.

Although Garrett achieved business success early in life, he also ran headlong into the inconsistencies and gaping holes of much conventional financial advice when he found the very thinking he was taught by the mainstream financial industry was actually a hindrance to wealth creation.

It was only when he studied the actual principles that real entrepreneurs and businessmen use to create wealth that he had his biggest breakthrough successes — the very principles which would later become the core teachings in the Financial FastTrack program.