Dr. Jen Faber

Seven years ago I was completely burned out in practice. I was sick of working 11-hour days, 6 days a week, and chasing tiny re-imbursement checks that paid me pennies on the dollar after waiting 3 months.

I fell out of love with being a chiropractor, and I knew something had to change.

This wasn’t the practice I envisioned. This wasn’t the life I had planned. I knew there had to be another way.

So I decided to create a House Call Practice…

And with that one decision, 80% of my overhead and expenses went away.

The red tape bureaucracy of insurance went away, because I created a cash practice that streamlined my systems and also helped patients get reimbursed directly.

I had longer appointments with patients and was able to provide care in their own home or office, which immediately made this a premium service that patients happily paid 3 times more than the average chiropractic visit for their care and convenience.

This allowed me to work part-time hours and still hit the income goals that I wanted.

The best part is that I did all of this and became profitable in 3 months, not the standard 3 years that everyone tells you to expect.

So, after building a six-figure house call practice working only a few days a week, and helping other chiropractors do the same, I still get the question, “Can you REALLY make a living with house calls?”

Totally understandable, and the answer is YES!

In fact, one chiropractor went from being a burned out associate to generating dozens of new patients in his house call practice in just 46 days. And there are many more stories of chiropractors just like that.

So let me walk you through how house calls take away the stress of crushing overhead and deliver extra profit to your practice, whether you already have one or getting ready to build your own.

Here are the top 3 factors that made my house call practice thrive quickly:

#1. Expenses Vanish with House Calls

Typically, when you think of starting or expanding a practice, the floodgates are opened on all the “things you need,” and the expenses add up very quickly. But, it’s the direct opposite with house calls. You start stripping away the things you don’t need! As soon as you eliminate the four walls of an office, your start up cost and overhead plummets.

Here are all the expenses you don’t need with a house call practice:

  • Office space and lease
  • Security deposit
  • Office build-out
  • Contractor fees
  • Lawyer fees
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Permits
  • Office furniture
  • Office artwork
  • Waiting room magazine subscriptions
  • Office equipment
  • Radiology suite
  • Insurance staff
  • Front desk staff
  • Payroll staff
  • Office cleaning
  • Office maintenance
  • Office utilities

This is important because the less debt and overhead you have, the more profit you make and peace of mind you will have.

So, here’s what you WILL need: A car, your portable equipment, a computer and a phone. Now, I may be an unconventional, chiropractic unicorn, but that’s a huge benefit no matter who you are.

When I started my house call practice, I had about $47 in my bank account, so dropping 80% of my overhead was the difference between having a thriving practice and being stuck in chiropractic gridlock.

#2. More Profit While Working Less

House call appointments are worth 3x the average chiropractic appointment and for good reason. House calls are a premium service; the doctor comes to the patient, they receive longer appointment times, they skip the traffic, and there is no waiting room. Patients gladly pay extra for this ultimate convenience.

Before house calls, I was working 11-hour days, working 6 days a week. With house calls, I could make the exact same amount working 6-hour days only 4 days a week. Suddenly, I was earning full-time income on part-time hours.

In fact, it was better money…I earned 100% of my fee, the day of the appointment. Instead of submitting to insurance and waiting for reimbursement, the patient paid me directly and I gave them a superbill that they could submit to their insurance company. But, it get’s even better. Without the traditional overhead, I kept more of my house call fee, which made me instantly profitable.

This combination of low overhead and higher profit is what made my growth and sustainability happen so fast. I needed fewer patients than ever before, and I could make more than I could have imagined. I wasn’t weighed down thinking the only way I could earn more was to expand my hours into nights and weekends and increase patient volume – it was a game changer.

An example of the earning potential with house calls:

House Call Comparison Graphic


#3. House Calls are a Marketing Magnet!

A low overhead, premium priced model is great, but you still need to attract patients. As we know, marketing can be the weakest link for chiropractors. You don’t want to come across as salesly, yet you deal with trying to stand out from other practices in your area.

So what typically happens is that you spend your time and money advertising to the masses and spreading yourself too thin. You never get into a flow with any one type of patient, and have to constantly be focused on trying to fill your practice with more new patients.

But with house calls, you can instantly tap into patients that are ready to invest in a higher level of service and see your value of convenience.

And times have changed. Patients’ desires have evolved and they want more from their care. Here’s what we know:

Patients want more face time. If you fill that need by making your house call appointments longer and/or more in-depth, patients are willing to pay a higher fee for more time with you.

Patients benefit when a doctor can observe how they live and work. If you travel to your patient’s home or office, you’ll be able to see your patients in a way most chiropractors will never see, and patients are willing to invest more in you because of it.

Patients are busier than ever. With house calls, there are no waiting rooms, and they don’t have to fight traffic. When you make life easier and eliminate time wasters with house calls, patients are thrilled to pay more for the convenience.

With a house call practice, when you easily stand out from your competition and market to your ideal patients offering these major advantages, you will attract the most eager and interested patients who are ready to schedule with you – now.

This is the ideal practice model to fill your days with your favorite patients, offering a premium service you can be proud of, all while earning more, and working less because of it. House calls take away the stress and expense of a typical practice, and most importantly, offer the perfect amount of freedom to work as little or as much as you want.

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Dr. JenDr. Jen Faber is a House Call Entrepreneur and Mentor and is on a mission to teach chiropractors a new freedom to build their practice with house calls. She’s the author of “House Calls are Back” and host of the podcast – House Call Revolution.

Dr. Jen left convention years ago to escape the burnout and stress of a high volume practice. She was done feeling trapped by the typical path to building a practice, so she broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure practice with house calls that gave her more time, less stress, and the freedom she craved.

After seven years of building the right systems and being sought-out for advice, Dr. Jen now shows chiropractors on how to build their own successful house call practice.

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