Does everyone involved in your company know what they are?  Do the decisions you make align with your values? Having clearly-defined values; and then making all decisions through them, can be a very POWERFUL, and leverageable tool for your business.

Check out this business tip from Business Finishing School about values-based decision-making; and then complete the exercise below.


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It has been said that knowing exactly what your values are, and living by them, will add additional years to your life!  If you do not have values defined for your business.  Take time right now, and pick two important values to implement into your culture.

If you have already defined values, take five minutes now to think about how to push those values into your culture.  Are you making decisions that do not align with your values? Do you have clients, employees, or vendors that are working with your company but who do not align with your values?  Why not take DECISIVE action today clear this up?

Look for ways to implement your values into your life and business by making decisions that align with these values. Examine how you can pursue true opportunities, as opposed to reacting to distractions. By carefully determining your values, and then applying them to your daily decision-making “process,” you will begin to understand the long-term implications of Values-Based Decision Making.

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