How to Blast Into Chiropractic Practice


c-lonacook-1I am often asked, how did I gain success so quickly in my chiropractic practice that I was able to pay off over $150,000 in student loan debt in just under two years.  What are a few of the things that made me so successful so quickly?  When I sat down to write my latest book,  Just Tell Me Where To Start, I encompassed some of what I am about to share with you.

1. Develop a Passion for Chiropractic and Personal Development!

All growth in our office, life, financials, and personal experience must come from what we create deep down in within ourselves. To give, love, and serve chiropractic we must fill ourselves up with the truth of it. Creating certainty and power by resting in the science, art, philosophy of chiropractic and continually learning more will help you continue to evolve your practice.

[quote_left]Much like our Chiropractic Philosophy of (Above Down Inside Out)… Our Office Growth Comes First from Within.[/quote_left].

If you create enough awareness, certainty, love, and power in yourself then your passion for chiropractic and your practice will be a reflection of this! This core is what creates the appropriate actions to follow. In addition to developing a passion for Chiropractic, I continually sought after Chiropractic leaders and mentors in every facet possible. That is what I love so much about Circle of Docs, it allows you to connect with anyone in the profession and thus will help you elevate your self and passion for Chiropractic.

2.Next Money Handling and Debt Elimination

Cash StashFor me, focusing on paying off student loans first was actually easy. I created a plan for paying them off and then made sure every month that I hit those marks. After they were gone, it was important to keep the energy flowing by diverting that money stream into proper savings! It’s exciting to watch what your practice can create in terms of money flow! Be in gratitude for this amazing profession and give back! I also found it helpful to take advice from people who are in a position financially that I wanted to be in. I read books on money handling, listened to podcasts and studied everything I could to find creative ways to quickly eliminate my debt. I found that if I could create proper “money habits” and my budget was spot on, then I was always making the appropriate progress.

3. Simplicity! Keep It as Simple as Possible.

1185235The easier the better; whether we are talking about how we explain chiropractic, how we lay out a report of findings, how we train our employees. Simplicity is Everything. The crazy thing about simplicity is that the more simplicity is present, the harder someone has worked to simplify and decide what is most important. [quote_center]I have noticed that each time we grow in the office, it’s because we have learned to simplify and shed superfluous procedures![/quote_center] I create simple daily procedures for everyone who works in my office. We all have tasks and assignments that each team member is held accountable for each day. We wrap every day up from start to finish so you can start fresh the next day. We want to invite more into our lives! When we get clear about what matters most, simplicity comes easier.

4. Recognize the Energy in Everything!

Angelic Healing EnergyHow you show up or how you feel about any scenario or circumstance is creating some type of energy. Look at the details, the feelings, the way you are showing up at the office or at the marketing event! Are you happy with the energy you are giving off to people that you come in contact with?

Another great question to ask yourself…Would you go to you? Would you send your family in to your office? If so great, why?  And if not, then what would you do differently?

In my office we want awesome energy and to feel congruent in all that we do! Your staff needs to have “attractor” energy too! To me, I love when the office is like a mini-party all day long: kids, smiles, happy voices, people connecting…now that is practice building! In the beginning, your energy is creating this, and so is your vision! Big and small all of your energy patterns make a difference. We can say we want to grow; but our energy and focus may be saying something else. It doesn’t happen immediately so you have to show the universe you are serious about your vision.


5. Goal Setting and Mental Preparedness

I feel that this one could have been numbers 1 to 4, it is that important! You must create solid goals for yourself.  Create goals and benchmarks around how many people you want to serve by the end of the year? What would your collections be if that came true? Know these goals! Then break down these larger goals into smaller bite sized chunks into months and weeks so it all makes mathematical sense and go to work!

There is no reason to not constantly be working on written goals and visualizing about what you’re creating in your life’s work! This keeps it constantly exciting and focuses my attention. Most of us exit school with a substantial student loan debt, and if we are not smart with our money when we first get out,  it can really hold back our ability to create our dreams. Remember Money is Energy. It flows in and out; we must learn how to handle that energy appropriately so it can flow into manners that benefit us. By creating practice and money goals we create synergistic goals! This is great for momentum. Learn about eliminating debt. Learn how to keep your overhead low.

I will wrap it by saying this: “Focus on what is important: communicating chiropractic and delivering it. Create goals, write yourself a plan and then work that plan.”

We have been blessed to be a chiropractor, now go and BE a Chiropractor.

I am looking forward to watching you Blast Off Into Practice.


Just Tell Me Where to Start1411599317 is a quick hitting guide for individuals wishing to begin or grow their chiropractic practice. Based on the actual activities and results of Dr. Lona Cook DC during her first two years as a new chiropractor starting a practice from scratch, this “how to” guide tells you exactly what she did to build a successful practice in a short amount of time and experience real results.