“It has been said that successful businesses are comprised of good habits, and unsuccessful businesses are comprised of bad or nonexistent habits.”  – Rick Sapio

How much time out of your day do you spend reacting and managing chaos?  I would assert that more than half of your day is spent toward being reactive.  We want to help you change that and become proactive with every minute you are given.

In order to have a successful business, you must tell your day what you will do with the time in it; not let your day run you. 

You can get more done and have much more success by using a very simple but often forgotten principle….Rhythms!

It is important for entrepreneurs and business owners to have rhythms and rituals.  You must learn how to institute rhythms and habits into your culture, so that your organization is not reliant only on you.

Watch this short 2-minute business tip on how you can start to implement rhythms in your practice today!

After you’ve watched the tip, we want to give you an actionable tool that you can use immediately to help you put your new rhythms into action.  Below is an excel sheet to help you brainstorm, capture your ideas and start forming your ideas to make rhythmic decisions in your business.  We have put a few examples on the sheet for you.  Once you’ve captured all of your rhythms, you can then  put them in your calendar as recurring entries.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Rhythms to Put Into Action Worksheet

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