Do you feel that because you don’t have your own kids that you are unable to confidently care for babies and children in your practice?


Do you feel that you haven’t been adequately trained?


That your hands are too big to adjust a newborn baby?


That your own children are too old now and you’ve lost your touch with how to communicate with parents?


This is feedback that my husband Simon and I have heard countless times in the last five years when lecturing on ‘family care.’ There are many, many chiropractors worldwide who lack confidence when taking care of mothers, newborn babies and young children. They then avoid providing care for this important demographic because they feel ill-equipped.


This is a tragedy because more than ever parents are looking for confident, wellness orientated practitioners who can guide their family.

If you have felt their urgency and know the importance of chiropractic care for babies and families but you feel that you do not have the skill set to provide confident guidance, then our “Caring for Families App” or virtual classroom is for you.


Doc’s can download hours of videos of Simon and I discussing our experiences in running a large family wellness practice. We wanted to create a resource that could provide chiropractors with valuable tips and gems that we have gleaned from 20 years in practice. We wanted to be able to share our wisdom beyond the typical classroom and seminar format.

Access the content remotely and as often as you like. STRAIGHT onto their phone or I-pad. It’s so easy.

Our videos empower practitioners on how to educate and adjust pregnant women, how to communicate with parents and deliver safe and gentle techniques. Providing instant theoretical and practical support, alongside valuable references.

Practitioners can download the App on all Apple and Android hand held devices so phones and iPads and tablets and start learning the building blocks for chiropractic techniques, accompanied by practical demonstrations.

The App has a great interface and simple to navigate menus that will show you that everything can in fact, be easy.