Is Palmer’s Official Response to Flu Vaccine Article as Soft as Apple Pie


Coming on the heels of a recent article that was published on Palmer’s website the administration has responded with an official statement today concerning their stance on the errant article.

It has now been well documented that Palmer in fact did NOT write this article, but a contracted third party that provides content was the author.

Note: The article has been removed from the Palmer website.

Palmer College of Chiropractic has issued this statement today concerning vaccinations:

Vaccination is a hotly debated topic within the chiropractic profession. While vaccination is a strongly supported public-health policy, the public still has concerns about the efficacy and safety of routine vaccination.

At Palmer College of Chiropractic, vaccination is discussed in courses related to immunology, public health, toxicology and philosophy. Information about vaccination is taught in order to provide students with current data about the risks and benefits of vaccines, along with the traditional chiropractic viewpoint regarding the immune system.

The goal is to provide our students with the information they need to give their patients informed counsel when they ask about vaccines. Palmer graduates need to be prepared to provide their patients accurate information about benefits and risks associated with vaccination, while supporting the patient’s freedom to choose. [/pull_quote_center]


Do you feel that the “Fountainhead of Chiropractic” is holding a NEUTRAL response to this article?

Here are what some Facebook users are saying on the subject:


Furthermore, according to James Garabo: Folks, do you really want our educational institutions teaching us WHAT to think? What about HOW to think? We go down a slippery slope when our schools become the thinker for us…

Another response by Edward Beck, Sounds like a vanilla position to me, no surprise.
Now that clears up why they ALLOWED the vaccination article linked to Palmer.


In your opinion is this a missed opportunity by Palmer to come out and openly say they are against vaccinations or do you think that they are leaning to become a more “vaccine tolerant” school?

Finally, does this change your view of Palmer and the Fountainhead of chiropractic?